John Kempe: Meditations with Mother Jesus

I have been thinking a lot lately. As I usually do, I have been communicating with mother Jesus. I do this for a variety of reasons. First, I do this to be reassured of my greatness as a follower to mother Jesus. If it wasn’t already obvious, I have devoted my life to the word put forth in His word. Therefore, speaking to mother Jesus in my spare time is always a comfort because mother Jesus always commends me for my service. Another reason I do this is to relieve the stress of being married to the creature I am married to. You all may know her as Margery Kempe, disciple of Julian of Norwich, daughter of the former mayor of our town. I know her to be a sinner. I still am trying to figure out what her first sin was that she will not tell anyone. Not me. Not the Priest. Only Mother Jesus knows. I know her to have publicly embarrassed me and emasculated me by criticizing my less noble heritage. No, I am not of noble birth. No, my father was not a mayor. And yet, through the grace of our mother Jesus and the Father, I was able to move beyond the station assigned me at birth. Yet my wife does not appreciate the work I put in to attract her. To Her I am lesser than.  I know her as the woman who was well aware of her earthly material and wanted to make sure our neighbors were well aware of them as well. Spending our money foolishly on things like jewelry and other goods with which to show off our monetary success, she proceeded to go against the word of mother Jesus. One could understand after all of the sins why I wasn’t ready to let her have her way so easily. When she asked me to relieve her of her wifely responsibilities, of course I said no at first. She needed to be punished for these transgressions so I continued sleeping with her even though she didn’t want me to. I was angry. Yet, in my most recent conversation with the holy son, I have been inspired by mother Jesus. Mother Jesus instructed all to forgive. While I felt I couldn’t do this at first, and let that be known in response, I’ve decided to continue following the word of Mother Jesus even though it doesn’t sit well with me. So, I forgive my wife.


1 thought on “John Kempe: Meditations with Mother Jesus

  1. Good John Kempe, what you lack in nobility you more than make up in piety! Alas, I spread the word of God, yet the souls of men are hungry for sin. They heed not my warnings! Fear not though, there is a purer love than that between man and wife. The love between man and God! He who sent his only son to die on the cross for our sins! He whose holy spirit guides us through our lives. Take heed, of my warning though! Men indeed are hungry for sin, and like larks to the fowlers chaff they flock towards the temptation of the flesh. Take heed of the words of your priest and the words of your wife, and avoid the path of sin!

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