The Lion and the Mouse

The tale of the mighty lion and the humble mice is one that examines the relation between the ruler and the ruled. It is a tale of mans dominion of the beasts, as was ordained by our creator! It is a tale of man and his net, and the unusual acquaintance of mighty lion and the little mouse. It is a tale about the relationship between the sovereign and the subject. The mice, who are but ignorant common folk, dance upon the lion and mock him in his sleep. When this mighty lion awakes, he has the chance to spare or eat the most unfortunate of the mice. Fortunately for this unfortunate mouse the mighty lion is merciful and spares her life!  When the lion is trapper later on in man’s nets, the mice come to help, paying their debts.

It is this, says Esop, that the ruler and ruled owe to each other. And who I must ask, is the ruler of all? He is our creator, after all! Take heed of this tale and you shall see, the true nature of His divinity! You see his just, and merciful too. And we men are the mice, who now not what to do. They dance and prance to and fro and they think the lord cant see them go. They go to sin! Like the larks to the fowler’s chaff! It is with this knowledge the lord will grab up men like mice, to remind them to walk the path of the righteous! In all the close calls  of death in life, it s our lord, trying to set us right. You see, the lion, our lord, is fighting the fiendish fallen angel for all our salvation. And like the lion he needs the help of the common man or mouse.

Each soul on the righteous path is like a little mouse knowing on that hemp rope! Now, of course, the lord, unlike this lion, or any king of men, could win this fight with the fallen fiend without a second thought. But it is the test of mens souls that our lord has sought!

So do good, kings and commoners, follow his lead. Do away with sin, to help our lord win!

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