When Death is Upon Thee

In the tale of the “lyoun” and the “mous” it makes me think about Everyman’s acquaintance with death. It seems  the characters in both situations run into their potential deaths. When the lion snatches up the mouse from dancing on him, the mouse is instantly thinking her end is near, much like when death comes along to greet Everyman. The mouse and Everyman have one thing in common, they were living their lives quite greedily before their run in with death. The mouse was dancing on top of the lion that she assumed might have been dead, and then when the lion grabs her, she is all of a sudden apologetic for her violating actions. Once Everyman is acquainted with death, he immediately asks for more time to make things right for his fate when he realizes that the life he’s been living is headed down the wrong path.

After reading these stories, I think it’s a sign. My sexual actions upon Sir Gawain have left me a very dirty woman. Whether I was intending to trick Gawain’s nobility by the orders of my Lord or whether I wanted to indulge in sexual pleasures with him myself, I have disgraced thy Heavenly Father. If death were to come upon me at this moment, I would be headed straight for hell. I’ve used my body and mind to manipulate a man who is not my husband into partaking in a sin that is the oldest in the book! If only God would grant me the same mercy the lion granted the mouse if he were to send Death my way, but if he didn’t for Everyman, I don’t think I’d be much of an exception.

Although…that little mouse had quite a way with words, as do I…we are women. Her manipulative nature seem to get her out of harms way, and in turn, she was actually right about the lion needing her help later on. I feel that if I could talk my way to Death, I could potentially buy some more time to make things right. Ha! I’m only being foolish now. My manipulative ways will change, hopefully before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “When Death is Upon Thee

  1. Noble Lady! Like the larks who fell for the fiendish fowler’s trap, you too succumbed to earthly temptations! Many a soul has had suppressed reason in the name of sin! But like the larks who fell for the fiendish fowler’s you too will only know suffering! Take heed of my warning! Sin has clouded your mind and your temptations have lead you astray! Your soul is at sake; remember the mercy of our lord, who died for our sins. Remember the mercy of our heavenly father, who blessed us with life. Remember the holy spirit, who guides us when we are lead astray! It is not too late! Repent! Take heed of my warning, for it is my job to guide souls on the righteous path, away from the path of sin!

  2. Lady, I doubt you will ever change. I have had my fill of women claiming to want to better themselves only to go back on their word and revert to the devilish ways that took them off of His path in the first place. When you said ” I wanted to indulge in sexual pleasures with him myself, I have disgraced thy Heavenly Father. If death were to come upon me at this moment, I would be headed straight for hell,” I couldn’t help but to agree. What is wrong with you women? Constantly giving in to your sexual desires before giving into the word of God? Granted, I gave into my sexual desires for a period of years, but that was with my wife. Even though she said no to me, I laid with her anyways because she is my wife and thus, that is not a sin. Yet for you to lay with someone who is not your husband is absolutely disgraceful. My wife claimed to change on three separate occasions only to end up right where she started each time. You’ve got to do a lot more than claim contrition if you want to be forgiven in His eyes.

    -John Kempe

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