Faith or Fear?

In the fable, “Preiching of the Swallow” Esope is making a general reference to never giving up on one’s faith. Thy Swallow is always on the edge of his tiny feet, making sure thy does not get caught by the fowler The moral of this story is that thy prayers to God for as long as thy are in life. Thy swallow is saved by his faith in God. Thy has great wisdom and faith. His soul is filled with a great spirit and is always thinking on step ahead of that fowler. Always have faith on thy side, for as long as needed. If thy is in their good graces.

Thou should always be determined to their faith. Never let thy fear stop thee from achieving their goals. This fable is all about education people into their faith. The fowler is a devoid of grace. Thy fowler is similar to the evil ones who sacrificed my son on the rood. They lose thy faith and did not believe in miracles anymore. They did not see the good in him. Only evil. This is how thou should see the fowler. The sinner. The anti-Christ. The one who does not believe in a higher power. He is a temptation of great sin and shame is set aside. This is very similar to the pain and suffers thy Lord felt up until his death.

Thy Swallow avoids thy snare. He is always one step ahead of the fowler. This is how thy should look at sin. Always been on step ahead of them. Always be on thy right path towards the Heaven. After thy swallow had died, he was praised. He was seen as a clergyman for never given up on his faith. Always pressing forward and being thy best can be. Always trying to be free of sin. Thy believes the trap and the fowler represent sin. Thy swallow needs to stay one step ahead in order to avoid being caught in thy devil’s trap.

There are four blesses of the faith. One thy sins are removed. Preaching is like warning to others about the dangers of sin. To be careful of what is out there. Second thy will end the war; which is what happens at the end of this fable. The war had ended between the bird and the fowler. There was finally peace in the land. Third is a perfect day for love and charity. One should make time for thy ones thou love and also be charitable towards others. If thou does all these things well, thy will end up in God’s Heaven.

It appears that prayer is thy key to life. It will always be there for thyself when ready. Also never give up. Thou should continue to press forward and creating your own path of good faith. In the end, everything will work out for thee. Have faith and just know that God is always on thy side.

1 thought on “Faith or Fear?

  1. Mary, mother of the holiest son there ever was. Firstly, I must express my gratitude for bringing into the world our savior Jesus Christ who I have devoted my life to worshiping and abiding to his great word. Though I know silent worship is worthless for I am only one man and it would be sinful to keep the beauty of your son’s words to myself. While I am not much of a preacher nor do I seek to be as that is a sacred position reserved for those who are especially anointed by our Father, I do believe that as a man of God, it is my job to help those along who may find themselves struggling to heed His word. Unbeknownst to me at the time of our wedding, I married one of these wayward peoples. My wife Margery Kempe believed herself to be woman of your child and his father, yet her actions belied this identification. Being the daughter of a mayor, she believed it her duty to let others know of the inherited wealth that comes with being the offspring of such a figure. I attempted to teach her the errors in her ways. As you, beautiful mother you, said, “one should be one step ahead of sin.” Yet she would not listen to me. She wouldn’t even be helped by an actual anointed priest. Thus I couldn’t help her stay a step ahead of her sins. Oh well. Fortunately for me, I’ve followed your wise words and the words of your son and our Father. For that, I am grateful.

    -John Kempe

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