Diamonds do not always Shine

Fables are teaching tools. Esope is no acceptation. Thou need them to learn lessons and morals. Thou are no acceptation to this. Esope has great way of telling these fables and giving moral lessons to those in need. In the fable, ““The Taill of the Cok ad the Jasp” it becomes clear that it is helpful to people who need to appreciate what they have. Appreciate that entire God and the Lord has to offer you. It’s all meant to be for a reason!!

For the Cok, all thou wanted was food instead thou found a beautiful shining bright jewel on the floor. It is not useless. Thou should know that the jewel could be used to purchase food. You know how much corn you could have, if you traded in the jewels? Thou could be rich. However, thou do not see it themselves. The jewel is beautiful, and bright, and could be used for something more. Thou should see the moral of this lesson. Thou know that the jewel means nothing and has no value, but it does. You say that this is not worth it.

This is not what you wanted. Everything happens for a reason. Thou is always being tested and being challenged. Why does thou believe finding this jewel is time for mourning and sadness? Yes it is not food. It has value in other forms. Thy understands that this is not something for you. If thou do not want the jewel, I’ll take it to get you some corn. The Lord tests us and give us everything we desire in due time. This jewel is everything you desire.

Be thankful you found something so valuable. I understand it may not have value to you, but trust me it has value to someone. It is a beautifully colored stone, I know it’s not food, but why does not thee want it? However, thou should not take things that do not belong to thee. It could be someone else’s who lost it. Your lesson here is to appreciate the things you have. I wish I could have my son here, but I cannot. I am forced to go on without him. He is forever gone and out of my life. I have accepted it and moved on.

You have to accept it. It is better to just move on rather than rant about it over and over again. I understand it is not food. It is a useless object to you. You desire corn. It is food and nourishment I get it. But do realize the whole aspect of this. You could be rich with food, if you used the knowledge gained from experience holding that jewel and sold it, you’d be rich!! You have to deal with the cards you are dealt with. You were given this jewel for a reason. You are challenged to figure out why for a reason. In doing this, the Lord will guide you and help you understand why he has instructed you to find this jewel. Please do not give up hope. The answer is there. You just have to keep searching for it.


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