An Open Letter to the Noblemen

Esope has such a great mind of telling fables to people. Teaching tales and giving advice is what you do best. In the fable, “The Taill of the Lyoun and the Mouse,” is expression for letting the world know to be kind to their kinsmen.

The mice save the lion from this horrid fate of being caught in a net. They could have easily been killed saving their king, but they were spared. This is how a King should treat his people. They have done well by saving their king. The mice banded together, even though you could have been eaten. Thy mice are very brave and did a good deed. I praise them. Sacrifice is what makes up good morals. My son sacrificed himself for the good of others. Thou are strong. Thou needs to save the ruler of thy land.

Be brave. Be helpful to thy king. Do not take your people for grant it, Sir king of Scotland. Appreciate all they have done for you. The Lord was eventually appreciated for his praise and the miracles he performed for others. He was brave and was able to sacrifice himself for others. Are you able to say that, king? I surely hope so.

This fable also teaches bravery and strength in its utmost forms. It is the strength of these young mice that carry the king. Remember that? Thou have people working under you, helping you and making your kingdom run well. Never let it go. Never take something you have for grant it. Because what is a king without his kinsmen? Thou needs to be sure to respect and appreciate them. Thy king is of great power and is supposed to rule the land as well as keep order.

The common folk are unguided. In this fable, when they see their king in trouble, thy have no respect for him. Thy would have waited for their demands to be met before saving him. The moral of this story is to learn to mercy’s power in thy own heart. It should not be that way. Thy should always stand by King, and a king should always stand by thy people. It is a give and take relationship. Always stand by thy king. Always help thy king when he’s in trouble. As a king should always help thy noblemen when they are in trouble. Never take your noblemen for grant it, dear king as your noblemen should never take you for grant it. Appreciate each other and never let each other down.

1 thought on “An Open Letter to the Noblemen

  1. What is true on earth is true in heaven! For truly we ourselves are the mice in this tale and our lord is the lion! There lives in all men the spirit of those mice, who dance in sin, while they think the lord is not watching! They scorn him and take his name in vain when the think he is not listening! They sin without thought and judgment, full of foolishness and ignorance! But alas! As the lord can be a terrible lion full of vengeance, as the Old Testament records! For he rains fire from the sky on Sodom and Gomorrah! He sends his flood to wash away the sins of man! He is a strong as the mightiest lion! But he is merciful, and kind! He sent us his only son, through you, to be crucified. But alas, he too is in a trap; the fallen archangel vies for the influence of mens souls! Take heed, beware of earthly pleasures, for they are the trap of fiendish angel. Beware of walking the path of sin and beware of the wrath of the lord! Have faith, walk the path of the righteous, for it is how we, the mice, help our heavenly father!

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