Mercy: Of Lions and Mice

Hello! I’ve just finished reading this wonderful fable by one Robert Henryson, “The Tale of the Lion and the Mouse” or, as he spells it in his quaint Scottish way: “The Taill of the Lyoun and the Mous.”

There is an important lesson to be learned from this tale! While you may not think yourself a relative to any of the beasts that make up this story, the moral stands strong! When faced with a transgression, be always kind and merciful, as I have exemplified in my life. When I was nailed to the cross, never did I attempt to injure or curse my assailants. I have forgiven all humanity for its sins. It is paramount that when you, no matter how insignificant you may feel in the grand scheme, are faced with cruelty or persecution, that you remain calm and just. Keep in mind the lessons that I gave on Earth, and find it in your heart to forgive those who transgress against you, much like the noble lion of the fable.

There is no justice or joy in revenge. It is a bloody ordeal that serves no one. What is truly just and joyous is finding yourself in the Kingdom of Heaven, your goodness being recognized. Seek not satisfaction, but salvation. While it may be enjoyable in the short term to see your enemies hurt, it will haunt you in the long term. There is no greater burden than sin, and believe you me, lust for revenge is a great sin.

There is great practicality in mercy as well! Much as the lion was helped thanks to his mercy, you may find yourself in the good graces of others as well. There is nothing more respectable than a merciful man.

Don’t stop forgivin’



5 thoughts on “Mercy: Of Lions and Mice

  1. ‘Seek not satisfaction, but salvation’ you say? That does not sound like an idea to me, Mother Jesus. If satisfaction is possible why should I not achieve it?

    Why forgive my bad husbands if I can seek ways to be satisfied. Trust me and all my experience, Mother Jesus, forgiveness will only get you so far. I have had many husbands, all of whom I have been a good wif for, and none of them I have forgiven without a price. You see, what I most desire is not salvation, but rather control. What control is there in forgiveness? Why forgive if I can instead control? All of the good ones are never forgiven, perhaps that is what makes them good. With forgiveness comes a lack of power. Mother Jesus, that is not what I want.

    You may believe you share an authority word but I have my own experiences that I value dearly. I have travelled to many places, I have read many books, I have led many lives with different men. I do not need someone else’s instruction to live life well and as a good wif.

    I will see satisfaction, and with that salvation shall come.

  2. Oh Mother Jesus, I the Rood, too, feel the same! When we bled together, we forgave! Goodness is rewarded with goodness, and wrongdoing should also be met with goodness. All are happier in the end!

  3. Oh wow. I feel quite overwhelmed Mother Jesus. You’re view on “The Lyon and the Mous” does make me feel as though I have wrongfully tried Sir Gawain. I did seek lust for revenge as you say, for some believe I was trying to trick Sir Gawain into seducing me in order to appease my Lord and how how dishonest of a knight he really is. What a merciful man. I respect how he handled the situation in the end, but now you have certainly made me feel dirty.

    This tale has a lot to say about my actions. I am a beast of sin, and I can only hope that Gawain will be as forgiving as the Lyon for I transgressed against him by testing his sexual desire. He succeeded in nobility, but I have failed in goodness.

  4. Mother Jesus you rightfully proclaim your position within this text. Of course you do not exist anywhere in this text, as Mother Jesus you only exist completely outside the moralitas of this tale. You are not mouse and you are not lazy lion, but your purpose is to guide these untamed beasts. Both mouse and lion do not fulfill their duties in the kingdom of civilization! Of course, I am not one to be a judge of mouse and lion, as I too exist fully outside of this moralitas. I may play my hand in the happenings of the kingdoms of man, such as with King Arthur, but I do not necessarily belong in either category of this tale.
    As you mention, though, regardless of the inability to live here on earth that these mice and this lion experience, doing good and going to the kingdom of heaven should be their ultimate goal.

  5. Mother Jesus! I love and worship you in a way words cannot describe. I’ve spent my entire life devoted to you and have tried time and time again to get my wife Margery Kempe to devote herself to you as well. Even though I love thee and would gladly give my life to you time and time again, I am incredulous about something you have just said. “There is no justice or joy in revenge. It is a bloody ordeal that serves no one. ” I don’t know if I can believe this. What if one has committed an act so egregious that forgiveness simply cannot be an option? What if someone does something to offend your name? As you know, here on earth, we men are our wive’s Lord and husband. It is the duty of wives to succumb to the will of their husbands and yet my wife could not do this. In her early days of sinning, she found comfort in mocking me and ridiculing me. She told me she was too good for me, being that she was the daughter of a mayor and that marrying me was beneath her. How can I forgive this? I ask you mother Jesus, how can I forgive a woman so possessed as to speak to her husband in this way?

    -John Kempe

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