The Swallow’s Boldness

Many won’t find this surprising, but I find myself connecting to the Swallow in Aesop’s fable. Her strength, wisdom, and conviction are something that this creature has practiced and perfected over the latter part of her life. I give God praise for the Spiritual wisdom that has taught me His truth and His mercy. It is not I who speaks on my behalf but the Holy Spirit that does so. So many times men and women have persecuted me for my Godly boldness in conversation but to say that I am the speaker at these trials would be a lie.

I do not wish to speak majority of the time but would rather spend it in prayer and supplication with the Lord. When I do go out, however, and try to spread the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, I suffer persecution for the Lord’s sake, and get called ugly things like a heretic and a false saint. This is not so. I know my place in the church is to be a part of the congregation and a faithful church member. God forbid that I would ever step up to the pulpit and deliver a message. But when I am on my pilgrimages, if the conversation happens to turn towards my God, Jesus Christ, I am always happy to speak on His goodness.

For God Himself came to me in a vision and told me to spread the good news and testimony of His Son, Jesus Christ. I wholly support the priests and church elders who preach the gospel but no one can tell people what the Lord did for me, but me. Who else can give my testimony? Who else can tell how the Lord delivered this creature from darkness? If not me, then who?

I will gladly leave the preaching to the priests as I sit in reverence of his words, but if anyone does decide to ask me about my Savior, I’d be more than happy to oblige.


7 thoughts on “The Swallow’s Boldness

  1. You know, the reason you are called heretic in the streets and labelled a false saint is because you are exactly that! A woman who portends to speak to God? All good Christians know the only woman to speak to God was Mary, who birthed Jesus. You may pretend to speak to god through your visions but you and all the world knows the truth of your words.

    Your conviction, however, is admirable, and all Christians could learn a great deal from the unbending faith of Margery Kempe.

  2. Despite being a humble Rood, I too, connect with the swallow. Despite how mankind hath treated my Lord and the Rood, I was not overcome with rage. I want mankind to be saved. Next time you have a vision, Margary, maybe you will see the Rood. For I stood by Lord Jesus Christ as he ascended to his throne in heav’n. Next time you have a vision, Margary, think of the Rood.

  3. For the last time, neither I nor my father have made any effort to contact you. You have us mistaken and, frankly, this is becoming disconcerting. We care for you, but we fear you’re becoming a bit detached from reality. Last week, when you went up on the rooftops and yelled “cock-a-doodle-doo” until the neighbors threw stones at you? Not our command. The week before then, when you broke into the carpenter’s shed and nailed all of his wood stock into crosses? Also not our command. Last month, when you cut holes in the sails of the English fleet and told the captain “Jesus is the sail that catches God’s breath and propels you forward”? Absolutely not our command. As a matter of fact, I can’t even see why you think we’d want that.

    Please don’t go involving the poor swallow in your misadventures. Heaven knows what you could get him wrapped up in.

    Cease and desist,

  4. Margery and the Swallow, two women who I have plenty to share with.

    The both of you do your best to preach, yet men will not give you enough power and control to actually heed your words and warnings. In all my experience, I now no longer have any trouble gaining control when I must. I have had much practice in the art. However, I see that you, Margery, and the Swallow, could do with some more experience. I wish you had it, for I believe the both of you are deserving and in need of control.

    You, Margery, in particular deserve much control. Like you, I have been faced with naysayers. I have faced much criticism and scorn of men for how many husbands I have had. They have told me my many marriages go against the word of God, just as your preaching seems to as well. But we can interpret God’s word as we see fit. I have read the Scripture for myself, you have spoken to God for yourself, and yet men still will not concede to us.

    Margery, do not let them tell you that you are a heretic. I do not let them tell me I am a bad wif. The likes of Abraham, Jacob, and Solomon of the Old Testament seemed to have broken these testaments and rules as well. Perhaps they’d be heretics in our time as well. Yet they had their own interpretations of God’s word, just as we do.

  5. Your post seems quite positive. I have been extremely pensive about my thoughts regarding my actions towards Sir Gawain in trying to trick him into seducing me, and they’ve been extremely bad. I am interested in your view of the swallow showing strength and wisdom for I feel I can connect with this in my own actions. Although I am ashamed of using my body and womanliness to try to inflict Gawain’s mind, I could have been doing so to please my own Lord. My courage and strength could be shown to my Lord by doing as he asked even if it was against my wishes. I had to see if Gawain was as noble a knight as he claimed as was said to be, so I was put into battle the best way a woman can be in this time, even if that is instituting sexual behavior.

    Maybe I’m just sick in trying to justify my actions, but oddly enough I find your woman empowerment much needed for my state of mind right now.

  6. Margery, my dear, I do not find that surprising at all. Thou has a right to agree with this fable. Thou has done great work for the Lord and has continued to the Lord’s work. Thy is very grateful that there are people like you continuing to preach and keep their faith alive. More people need to be like thee. Thy believes I can give thee a testimony. I was the one brought the Lord into this world. I watch him suffer on the rood. He truly helped from the darkness and created a new beacon of a path for you. Praise Christ for changing your life. But Margery, dear, you have to preach the Lords’ work. How else will any follow the same path? You need to keep spreading the word and feeling Christ’s pain, because it felt it for you. I sacrificed himself and was tortured for our sins. So please do continue to be a beacon for the Lord. Preach his gospel all over the world. Keep the Lord on your good graces and help someone else find the same path.

  7. Oh wife. How you inspire laughter. For you to speak of God in such a mendacious way is offensive. I thought I instructed you better. You know for a fact that God doesn’t speak to women. That would would make you a preacher or a priest and we both know you are not either of those things for women cannot be any of those things. Anything you may think you know of our Heavenly father has been taught to you by me or your father or a real priest. And if your really saw visions directly from God, then how come you are so ignorant of the job of people like this. If you claim yourself to be so blessed as to have a personal connection with God in such a way, why refuse to confess your sin to a priest? I’m sure if God spoke to you, or as you claim ” sent you a vision” he would have instructed you to be honest with the true visionaries on Earth, and those are the fathers of the Church. While you may have accrued some followers who believe your visions, I see you for what you truly are and that is a liar.

    -John Kempe

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