The Words of the Swallow

I find this tale to be one of intriguing words, words that sate me more than the other tales we have heard of late. I grow tired of only hearing of animals as if they are to be the same as I, and to hear this tale were witnessed by a man is of great comfort to me. The words that I heard in that tale do ring true, but I feel that some are of a lesson I did not learn until the end of mine lyfe.

I mostly speak of the words that sayeth to the reader that it is only a fool who fight so that his life be placed in danger for the sake of something without value. As ye all know, mine most mortal enemies were Grendel and that dragon which ravaged the lands that called me their sovereign. That dragon hoarded much treasure that it had taken from mine lands, and yet it fought to defend such treasure. I do not understand why it did so, for a dragon could not see the value in what it had taken and why would such a beast fight a man such as I over goods if not to be a fool?

But the swallow’s message is clear, I think. The swallow advises that a smart man must cleanse the world of things that may place his life in the path of danger, a lesson I think all men should follow. Is that not what I did when I slew Grendel, that foul beast, and the beast that begat him? Or when I slew that dragon? Was I not cleansing this world of that which would endanger my own life and the lives of my fellows? Aye, I would say that I am the perfect example of the swallow’s words! Live as I did, my friends, and ye shall live without fear! Without concern! Ye shall live as intended!


2 thoughts on “The Words of the Swallow

  1. I see here the wisdom of a man fit to lead my Kingdom! It does not surprise me in the slightest that a noble warrior such as Beowfulf is learned as well as powerful. Warriors and leaders such as ourselves must always seek to improve our mental faculties and learn as much as we can from stories of life and love, so that we can be fair and kind when the times do not call on us to use our prowess to help our subjects.

  2. Well said, Beowulf!! Thy Swallow is very wise and is always a beacon for the Lord. He does really try to cleanse the world of evil and sin. Thy should always know to stay one step of thy enemy. When one is ahead of the enemy, they can outsmart them. I believe if thy Lord were one step ahead of his enemy, he wouldn’t have been sacrificed. Now does thy feel one was one step ahead of the enemy? I feel thee was, Beowulf. You slew the dragon and saved many lives. The Lord had the same intention. Sometimes, thy is not appreciation for what they have done for others. Thy friends should have appreciated you for saving them, especially from Grendel. You put thyself ahead of everyone else. A true nobleman. I believe that’s what thy swallow was preaching about too. He was explaining that people should do what thy have to, in order to save others. Thou should always preach the Lord’s work and create thy own path towards Heaven. Stay away from sin and be helpful and kind to others.

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