Everyman Forgets the Rood?

Hwaet! I, the Rood speak again before thee. Mankind has not only pushed the Lord to the back of his mind, but he has also forgotten about I, the Rood! Man has forgotten about their sin: about eating the apple of unholy desire, and of course about cutting me down from the edge of the woods, mangling me into a cross, and nailing our savior against me as we bled together till the end.  What of the Rood when you are coveting your neighbor’s waif? What of the Rood when you are ignoring your duties to our Lord in Heav’n? Though I may not bear eyes, the Rood weeps in Heav’n.

Everyman may have forgotten about our Lord. It only makes sense since man ended His mortal journey. The Lord allowed himself to be sacrificed by Man, and to what avail? I, the Rood, will never forget. How could I? I faced the nails side by side, feeling our Lord’s warmth against my unworthy timber as he bled to his death. Death, our Lord’s servant, will now remind Everyman of the importance of his submission. Death will strike fear into the heart of Everyman, sprouting the seeds of realization that have yet to bloom. This mortal life is full of distraction. It is easy to get carried away by sin. But instant gratification is not worth eternal hellfire. This, man has forgotten. It was easy for Everyman to forget. Easy for the sinner to let his sins float away. But I will never forget. It wasn’t I who chopped down a tree, and performed an execution.It wasn’t I who lived afterwards in ignorance. It was I, who died along with the Lord himself. I will never forget.

Beauty, Discretion, Strength and Five Wits have all forsaken you. All but Good Deeds have forsaken you, Everyman. What of the Rood? Would the Rood forsake you? After you had removed me from my place in the forest and nailed our savior, our God, to my very body? It is not up to me to decide. I fought alongside our lord, I bled alongside our lord, but I do not overstep my bounds. But lo! Here me this. Forget your mother, your father, your sons, you may. But forget the Lord—forget the Rood, you shall not ever again.


3 thoughts on “Everyman Forgets the Rood?

  1. Wisdom, great Rood, wisdom the which I only wish I had conquered with my Five Wits before! Thou art aright in thy claims; ’twas a frivolous life I did lead, full only of concern for my Goods and my Kin and Friendship. These first did I turn to, and not a one would willingly follow me through Death to judgment. I can claim that I did not cut you down myself, nor nail our Savior to your wise bough, but it makes little difference. In the selfish pursuits of my life, compassion and concern were far from my eyes. Though I did make prayer and keep my faith, it meant little when I did not act as such. Perhaps I did not forget Our Lord, but neither was He with me. I was concerned only for myself. Such a mistake I am but lucky to never make again. The gates were opened for me, whether I was worthy for all my life or only at my moment of Confession. Thou shalt never Forget, goodly Rood, and never either shall I. May I forever spend my days in the Kingdom of Heaven remembering what I forgot, and may my tale be a lesson to all after.

    • Ah, good to hear from you, Everyman. It is true, you yourself may not have slain me or our Lord. However, did Everywoman eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge? Nay, Everywoman did not. Yet, we still blame every woman for this sin, which damned all of man to be sinful. Thus, it was you, Everyman. And repentance, you owe.

  2. As I read this from I cell I pray thee high powers may too staple me you, the rood. Everyman the lay man, and the low man upon the pole of totem. Oh’s and ah’s, giggles and gaggles you exchange with this rood. He speaks, he moves, he moves! Yet when our lord hung mercilessly from that spiteful beast he did nothing. I will make it mine own mission from God to personally humble every branch twig and leaf in all God’s Kingdom, and you too Everyman for insubordination through association you Lollard.

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