Slouching Toward Jerusalem

I am Rome. I am Roman. My flesh extends from Gascony to Guyenne. My blood and sinews are the Tiber. When the books are written, I prolonged the legacy of my Father. Emperor-King I was, will be, and am. From 79-81, two years of divine rule. Swift and decisive, I pluck Roman rule from the depths of Nero and his tribune of goons. Roman people–listen–I end the jeremiad clouding hanging over this city, clouding our judgement, blurring our connection to God. We have taken the ships toward the cursed land. Every pulse and breathing life in Jaffa will know now of Roman superiority and our unwavering spirituality. We are not on a mission for God–we fight beside him, and him with us. Battle not, there is not implication of defeat, just swift justice. On steed I am unstoppable. When an swarm of horses begins to break the horizon, and the Earth shakes. Thousands of brown and black beasts, dot the hill side and as they approach they swell until they take up the entire eye-line, then and only then will those at Jaffa know my name as the Lord. I care not for tribune, and tributes. This is not a Nero kingdom of old my fellow Romans. Those who attempt to defy my truths and speak heretical rhetoric and of Lollard likeness, I pray you ask Josephus, he will relay. Hand and knee on was he, when he crawled into my camp. He begged and pleaded, wounded and bleeded to be saved from certain death. Favors were given, certain and proven, to save the Jew from perish. Now he speaks of Christian truths and maybe saves a nation.


3 thoughts on “Slouching Toward Jerusalem

  1. Greetings Titus. You are a Roman, and I am a Rood. Not just any Rood, but I am the Rood which the Romans used to execute our Lord. I am THE Rood. How can you claim to fight with God, when you betrayed him? While I stood beside him, you let him suffer till the end. How can you wage war on behalf of God, when you have committed this ultimate sin? God told Moses, thou shalt not kill. Do not wage slaughter on behalf of God. Just remember— The Rood.

  2. When you said, “We are not on a mission for God–we fight beside him, and him with us.”, I could not help but to respond. The idea of a god striding the battlefield alongside those men who worship him! Such a glorious image to even imagine fighting alongside a god makes me jealous of you, Titus, whether you speak literally or not. I think that the Rood is wrong about you. I do not believe that you yourself betrayed your God. To punish a man for his ancestors crimes does not sound like something that I would expect of this God, at least from what I have heard in my time in this hall.

    But Titus, I do have a question for ye. What would drive a man such as you bring himself to not kill heretics? To make one feel above seeking out those who are not willing to believe the same as you? And, pray tell, if ye truly are the justice of thy God, then who shalt replace thee upon thy death?

  3. Titus! So powerful an introduction! Surely a man of your caliber would enjoy battling my armies on the field of war. Perhaps we can arrange some sort of mock battle, to test the strength of our armies against one another! I crusade, you wage holy war, are they not one and the same? We could have used a warrior of your caliber when the Green Knight showed up to our Christmas celebration. I set Sir Gawain against him, and he succeeded eventually, but your strength might have seen a swift end to the Green Knight who so unabashedly mocked my hall! Let’s get in touch.

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