Grendel’s Army

Come all who have mocked who have disgraced, and join me and mother in our war. We shall be avenged and right the wrongs that evil has committed. It is up to us I call those who have been left out and treated as evil, Margery, Wife of Bath. Julian of Norwich, and I am sure there are many more. I have had enough of the evil and wicked I see. I hear there is a God, who fights for us, and who will be on our side! Let us join together and destroy  the evil men who think that power lies in pride and greed. They are the men who will kill to kill, men like Beowulf, and Vespasian, who have no heart. Our vengeance will give us peace and a final resting place. We will be able to lay down our sorrows through the God that will on our side.  Do not miss a chance to honor your name and take back what these evil men have taken from us! I will see you in battle if you choose to take up arms with me! We shall see this to the death again Beowulf our fight is not over. We shall fight to the death again and I will take your head as my prize it will be quick and easy. I will set this head on my table and your open mouth will hold the eyeballs of the men we’ve defeated. We will then hold a feast, a big feast and our honor then will be given back to us. While the evil doers rot in the earth to be never more.


6 thoughts on “Grendel’s Army

  1. Grendel, you speak of other men’s evil as if you’re a noble and kind-hearted creature. I ask you, Grendel, what about your own evil doings? Was it not you who terrorized the halls of Hrothgar, killing indiscriminately innocent people in a fool’s quest for destruction. How can you eradicate evil when your soul is so corrupted and sullied I doubt you even still have one.

    So to your would-be followers I say this: Do not follow this man! He claims to want to eradicate evil but we can’t take him for his word. Wherever he goes, destruction will follow, innocent lives will be taken, and the lambs of God will be slaughtered. Instead, take the Sword and Shield of God, the most powerful weapons ever used by humanity, and use them in your defense against Grendel and his acolytes.

  2. Grendel, do not include me in your army for I find joy in the many evil deeds done against me for I suffer for Christ’s sake. If I were on the wrong track, then I would see the joys of this world. I would laugh and dine with the scorners and break bread with the mockers. God forbid! For if I suffer in this life, paradise shall welcome me in the next. Of all the mercies our dear Lord has shown this creature, I would rather die than to seek the revenge of all those who have wrongfully persecuted me. For me to lay down my life is for me to gain heaven and it’s heaven that I long for. The Lord said that vengeance is His and I gladly yield my enemies to Him. My eyes fill with tears even now as I write this for God has dealt so wondrously with me and I could never turn back to my old life and the pride that got the aforesaid creature in so much trouble. Jesus said to turn the other cheek when opposition comes and that’s just what I’m doing and I advise you, Grendel, to do the same. For the wrath of God is much mightier than the wrath of man.

  3. I did not kill simply “to kill”, nor have I ever taken the slightest ounce of joy or pleasure out of such an abhorrent act–only pain and sorrow, this being proof that I do in fact have a heart. No, I have only killed and will only kill when it is necessary. In the case of the Siege that my son Titus and I waged upon the inhabitants of that ancient city, I went there seeking to put down an insurgency and restore order to the empire. I sought to resolve the issue without violence, but they refused my offers. It was they who chose to turn the matter into a violent one; it was they that left me with no alternative choice but to attack, and consequently required me to kill. Even then I sought to mitigate the death, as did my son Titus after I left for Rome. After the first battle, they were the ones who were so unreasonable so as to lock themselves up behind their city walls. Had they been reasonable, they would have surrendered at that point. Surely they knew that we would not quit–that we, a Roman army, would not let ourselves be defeated and embarrassed by mere non-Roman citizens. It is for this reason then that we (my son and I) had to refuse any peace offers they made afterwards; if we accepted peace, then they would have been let off easy, after killing a number of our men, which would only cause others throughout the empire to start revolting as well (an act which would have caused even more deaths). It was only after they had suffered dearly from the siege that, subsequent to my departure, Titus could again offer them peace. Yet they refused once again, leaving us with no alternative.

  4. Ha! Look, Grendel, and weep! For those you thought to call to your banner have given thou their answers! No human, man nor woman, would dare stand by the side of such a misbegotten beast no matter what thou promise them. Those you call upon trust in their God to judge them for their own deeds on His Earth, and yet thou wish to take judgement into thine own hands?

    If it is combat with me that thou desire, I shall not grant thy wish. I have passed beyond the mortal realm and dine in the hall of those finest warriors, joined by men lost to thy foul presence in the hall of that good lord Hrothgar. Nay, beast, rot in the hell to which I sent thee and thy mother, and pray, if a beast such as you can even do so, that the God of the ever faithful Margery does not smite ye for what you wished for her to do.

    And to the fine Vespasian, I salute thee, for though I have never the pleasure of speaking with a man of your glory, I have had heard tell in this hall of thy glory. I find that I must agree with thy sentiment, for it is only a beast such as Grendel and that beast which begat him that is willing to kill just for the sake of killing. Would that we may sit and speak of our minds!

  5. You speak of war, Grendel? I pledge my support to Beowulf and his forces. May your vile forces be crushed as Beowulf mounts your mother’s head to a spike. With the addition of our Christian forces, God will be at our backs and you shall be smote into insignificant dust! It is fitting and well that you should include Margery Kempe as your ally, her heretical ways will fit well into your army of the damned.

  6. Grendel your sudden desire to gain the allegiance of others who have been wronged is rather odd. You were a creature who has only been known to fight alone but now you understand the importance of allegiance and brotherhood. Perhaps your intentions are wrong but they are certainly understandable from your own perspective. Although I am an adviser to the great King Arthur I would prefer to separate myself from this bloody battle and simply observe. Many here seem to abhor and belittle your plot for revenge against Beowulf, but I see it as honorable regardless of how foolish it is.

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