Dear Mother

Reflecting on all the violence I have seen. I want to to thank my mother my dear mother, who has done so much for me. I have cried and have been desperately lonely. For I believed that no one understood me and everyone was against me. Those evil men who took my life did not think twice about it. Beowulf the most evil of them all, is like a creature himself. His prideful lust can be seen through his eyes. His hatred and anger for me, is something I will never understand. I only seek to survive as did my mother, but he killed her so wickedly. Oh mother, I ask for your forgiveness, for the sacrifice that you have made on my behalf. I was unable to say this because my heart was heavy with anger and rage. Now mother I have of a God one who will help us take revenge. I have begun gathering my soldiers so that we could be strong against these evil wicked men, who have no regard for anyone but there own. I will pay back the debt that I owe you mother, and I shall never forget the love that you have shown me. There is no mother like you, and there shall never be. You are a brave soldier and I want you to be the leader of this army, there are many people who need your wisdom and your love. Do not worry mother very soon the men who have killed you and those who have caused others harm as well, will be destroyed, and with God we will be capable of doing so. Is it not marvelous! However that is beside the point I want to make, I know that I was not so good of a son to you. But I want you to know, that I am aware of all the sacrifices that you have made, not a father nor a man could ever do what you did. With all of my heart I love you!

Your son,




3 thoughts on “Dear Mother

  1. No forgive need, it as you say with human pride at fault. Your sentiment enough for hurt me you not. With you lost I fell to same anger and rage, but so too we find our end. Vengeance even after death I sought, so you too join. Maybe together with army we win. If head you make me, fabled dragon I say we should ask. We made more evil for victors right the tale, but revenge we get. From God and humans we once cast, but acceptance you say you find. If it brings justice, all we need.

    My guidance you say they need, but all together, we find the strength needed. Our kind made evil, but we show how unfair they make us.

  2. What a touching display between two of the most vile creatures to walk this, our lords Earth! However, I read this on the day of Maternal Celebration and can’t help but be moved by your deep love for one another. It makes me think of my mother, Igraine, who was tricked into conceiving me by my father, Uther. At least your relationship, vile as the individuals who comprised it may be, is strong, and others may look upon Grendel and his mother for advice when trying to get along with loved ones.

  3. Vile beast! Though you have walked the path of destruction for nameless years, the lord forgives the souls of all men! For far too long you have been an agent of the fiend, the fallen archangel. You have been a scourge upon all of mankind! Focus not on the sins of Beowulf, be they pride or wrath! Focus not on the sins of his king, Hrothgar. Focus not even on the sins of your own mother. Focus on the sins of yourself! For it is you, like the fiendish fowler who leads foolish men to their demise!

    But the mercy of the lord, our heavenly father knows no bounds! Even the fiendish fowler, with his bag full of larks, can still be saved!

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