What of kin?

Human though I not be, this Sir Gawain’s rage and sorrow I know too well. Honor and title mean nothing with dead kin, and more loss than I piled high. Three to my one, and even human so little pity for the killer be thought of so highly. Only solace in revenge and death. This too be called evil even though Gawain human. For why I do not see, the rage that makes sense. Though this too wanes with death. Revenge unrealized for Gawain too, but anger he stops. Upon death, that rage dies too, but still Launcelot lives.

What more he asks for his presence with death after claiming it be one or the other. You wish blood, but then company at death from the one you wanted to kill. What anger and where? Even in death, I felt that rage that sorrow. Vengeance taken from me so it have taken from you, but still peace you find. His death later realized, but no knowing of this as you die. For what reason this peace?

I understand not, for even when Beowulf killed, not by my hand, but dead, I still feel rage. I never achieved vengeance and only solace is that he be killed by another. Does human kin or knight kin equal family? Other of your kin still live so though loss higher that solitude you not feel. Did that make it easier to bear? Toward death, that anger leave for what reason I still do not know.


4 thoughts on “What of kin?

  1. Ha! I should not be surprised that a beast such as you, the foul creature that spawned mine own enemy, cannot understand the ways of men. I should not expect such a pitiful creature to know nothing but rage and vengeance, and it comes at no shock that the values of men such as Sir Gawain are beyond your simple mind. Where you see wasted vengeance, I see the fulfillment of Gawain’s own vows!

    Gawain swore it would not end til either he or Launcelot lay dead on the ground, did he not? He made that clear both to his honorable king and to his foe upon many occasions. All of those glorious men understood what was to happen should Gawain fall. Gawain took up arms in vengeance of his slain kin, aye, but none of his kin remained to avenge him. His brothers in arms were not immediately stirred to rage, and why should they be? They understood that Gawain’s oath had been fulfilled.

    To attack Launcelot would be to spit on the memory of Gawain and would have made his death mean nothing. Beast, had you not been so consumed by rage over the loss of your spawn at my own cunning hands, you would have never lost thy life!

    • Beowulf, you evil wicked man! Do not talk to my mother in that way! You are nothing but a coward who lives for fame! You say that my mother was in rage, her rage comes from the love that she had for me. But where does your rage come from, and where does Gawain and lancelot their rage come from? It is pride it is evil, and it is fame! This all you men do, and if I had a chance to kill you I would do so. But that would not change the evil man that you are! I am coming for you so be prepared, however I need to get to you I will, there is a God and he will be on our side. One day mother we shall hang his head above our halls.

  2. Though I have no doubt done wrong by Sir Gawain and his noble house, his was not filled with rage when he faced me as the lady claims. He conducted himself in a knightly manner and met me in the field for fair combat unlike the knights who tried to seize me unarmed from the queen’s chambers.Those men acted in wraith, like beasts of the ilk of the foul lady and her dark childe who mighty Beowulf slew.

    On that day I slew a man, who I once and shall again call my brother in arms, though he was my enemy that once. I do not feel shame for his death, for it was fair and well done, but I too mourn him and grieve for the world is less bright for his passing. However, in slaying such a man I must also feel pride for having bested an opponent who may have been my most worthy.

    As the Green Knight said, Gawain is a fine example for any knight to cleave to. Was I wearing the green scarf the day I met him in battle? I don’t recall. Perhaps he should have been called the Flower of all Knighthood.

  3. Scornful woman. You always feel a taste for revenge. Why is that? It is not the Lord’s way. However, I do feel Sir Gawain’s rage and sorrow as well. It’s hard when you lose someone close to you. The thing you need to realize is they are in a better place. Why do you still feel rage for Beowulf is dead? You should no longer feel rage for your son. Bringing down the one who martyred your only son, will not have made things better for you. You would have felt worse; you would have felt worse, because you would have used up all your taste for revenge. It’s not worth it. Time will heal the wounds you’ve inflected. Vengeance does not equal happiness. It’ll just make you more miserable. It does not absolve anything. It will not bring back your son, nor will Sir Gawain get his kinsman back. It is life and we all have to learn to deal with the pain.

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