Greetings to my Fellow Saints

Blessed be our Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He has given to His creature. I greet you in the name of our Lord and the Holy Trinity. I thank God for the many mercies He has shown me and for His pleasure, I desire to spend the rest of my days worshipping and glorifying His kindness and goodness towards me. Many people mock and ridicule my constant tears but if they only knew the immoral sin He saved this aforesaid creature from and the damnation of my soul, they would cry even more than I. Furthermore, I pray for God to have mercy on the bishops and clerks and the men of God that speak against this creature as being a heretic and a person against the Holy Church when it is this institution that taught me the love of Christ. Blessed be God for this great tribulation. I take comfort in the hardships that greet me on every side, knowing that I suffer for Christ’s sake. I give honor to my devoted husband , John. Many thanks be to God for helping him to see his sexual desire as sin in the eyes of the Lord, and made him to live a chaste life.

I greet you in the name of the Lord. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Greetings to my Fellow Saints

  1. Many damn I as from Cain I was born, but though human you speak as if you too were lower. Banned from this human love and forgiveness, wretched I be called. You feel this though human. Or are you not? What cause such feeling of damnation? Born from sin and kept apart, this God and humans calls me monster. Alone I went as my son murdered and was no more. If revenge be sin, than further sin I make, though regret I have none. This fear and love I cannot have so I live how I was made.

    Humans fear this for they still humanity to lose. Things we share, but this we do not. Before me, my kind kept out, so salvation a thing never known or fear of losing. Nothing to thank for nothing I given. No peace found in after death only regrets.

  2. Mother, I understand your frustration and your anger, for I once felt the same. But do you not see? She was mocked she was ridiculed like us. She was like a creature to humans, she was not wanted. She is like us, and together we can fight against those people who tell lies, and who make evil. She is no different from us, they will kill her if they have a chance like they did to us.

    We need to fight together and with God, we shall do so. This is the peace that we will find, this is the peace that we need to find, and NOW I am finding more that are like us, I want you to join me mother, and I will set you as leader and ruler of this army. Do not worry Margery, and mother we shall take vengeance on those who mock!

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