You flatter me, Julian.

Oh, Julian. Let it be known that I’ve always liked you. But now, you speak of my endless love and sacrifice, and frankly, I’m flattered.

Furthermore, it must be said that you make an astute observation! In many ways I suppose I am motherly, though I think the fact speaks more praise to mothers than to myself. If to live as a mother is to live according to the example I laid, then to live as a mother is to live in service to the Lord.

You speak of my love and mercy to all those who are goodhearted and reverent, and I feel the need to make clear that these virtues lie not outside the reach of mortal men. Compassion for the upright is not the mark of divinity, but of good character, and in keeping that principle near to your heart, you are working in service of God.

You also rightly point out, as you so eloquently put it, that “as [the child] waxeth in age [the mother] changeth her working but not her love.” You could not be more right, but I must remind you that this goes both ways. Much as a child must love and respect his or her mother throughout all their lives, so too must all people love God. One cannot allow the changing tides of one’s own life to upset their relationship with the Lord. Although I keep watchful eye over all and do what must be done to elucidate the path to eternal life, one must respond to this effort with dutiful worship of God in Heaven in order to be saved. Redemption and salvation are made possible through me, but they start in you.

That’s all, Julian. I really do appreciate the praise.

Keep on keepin’ on,



2 thoughts on “You flatter me, Julian.

  1. I enjoy watching these women swoon one another with unsubstantiated claims and empty flattery. My daily life and in it so, I experience similar pleasantries when my guarding dogs bark in presence of me. How rueful. God is mother? Mother is God? Mother is god? That I will not entertain in my head shelves. Yet, still I will allow for God being the Mother–of all things rooted in your heretic demise. This–this revelation of love, this sinful delusion disguised as devilish prose. How a flowery rose grows between the concrete of the biblical teachings with such sinful thorns. A hegemony of heretical hussies with history of hellish hallucination. To stray from the Bible as is written is to stray from rightful existence. I caution you dear Julian, dear Margery, and the Mother Jesus you praise in malice. Your living quarters in the church seem fitting, it would be a shame to see such symbolic window boarded with wood and locked with iron. Do not think I wont do what is best to protect my fellowship and the people in danger now because your teachings.

  2. I am confused here, I do not know what to make of mother Jesus. Is this the God that I have heard so much about? If He is then I want to meet mother Jesus, will he comfort me the way my mother did? For my father never did, he was never there, he did not care. Help me to find this mother Jesus that you know so well, so that together we can destroy those that hurt us. I have lost both my mother and father, but it was my mother who showed the most care. If this is how mother Jesus will be then I will go to him fast. We will take revenge together and build a strong army to fight against the evil doers.

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