John Kempe to Julian of Norwich

I admire this creature that is willing to devote its life to God. It is clear that since our father has sent you a vision of the passion that you are indeed special. Unfortunately, I have never been granted the privilege to witness such a sight, though I have married one who claims to have seen such a beautiful sight. I love the Lord, as we have been so instructed to do, and as is expected from a man of my station whose wife’s Earthly father held position of mayor. Yet I have found it particularly challenging to devote my life to many of the teachings of our heavenly father. I fear I shall never be welcomed to witness the passion of our father through my mind’s eye for my transgressions against him have been plentiful.

When my wife sought to die, that is to be rid of all Earthly possessions and caring’s and yearnings, I admit I could not hold myself to such heavenly expectations. I forced my wife to maintain carnal knowledge of her Earthly lord and husband. Me thought this too was an expectation of our heavenly father. Alas, is this woman called Margery Kempe not my wife? Is it not her duty to lie with me as wives and husbands do?

I proceeded to take her, her tears failing to bring about any remorse in my spirit. Nay, it wasn’t until I read of the miracle worked upon you by our heavenly father. For your suffering, you were granted your sight from the blood of Jesus Christ himself and found yourself living the rest of your life as an anchoress tending the sins of many, including my wife Margery Kempe. It is this courage and devotion that led me to understand the plight of the faithful.

It is no pleasure to the Lord to have us enjoy each other’s flesh. Though your experience brought you to a different conclusion in which you preach of the love of God being not a painful one, I found that in fact it is our duty to abstain from Earthly pleasures and thus, after three consecutive years of succumbing to the will of the devil within mine body, I saw the truth in the way of my wife’s yearnings and capitulated and thus we have been chaste as recorded in my living will to please our savior Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “John Kempe to Julian of Norwich

  1. I write this from stained parchment, for I spit my drink upon absorption. Pray, I do, for riddance of such heresy. God as both mother and father? Binary is the lord and his word. Further beyond doubt’s shadow there is no grey area. No safe haven for interpretation. When the word’s of God are manipulated in such manner there is no room for peace. Save for the, perhaps not impending, if what you say is true, you may not be smitten. I Titus, of sound body and mind remind you of the Book of Revelation. 22:18, Pray you change Julian, “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll.” I now know you understand the severity of your actions. You through semblance of faith recovered from sickness the first. A second survival shall not happen on to you. You claim to have seen blood trickle from the body of Christ affixed above your doorway. The lack of purity and delusions make me question if you have in fact been holden from the Devil. I believe he is cause of your vision not God. I end not with pleasantries but of warning!

  2. Praise be to our God for you Lady Julian. For it is true, my husband allowed the devil to enter his heart and forbid me to do the work of the Lord. But it was by your testament and example that freed us both to enter into the chaste life of a Christian. I thank you, Lady Julian most jubilantly for your courageous work for the Gospel’s sake. I devote my life to the same cause as thee and wish to spread the Gospel to all that will listen.

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