To Hear One’s Story Retold

I am gladdened to hear once again the account of the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus. It is true that this is a story which all must hear, for the Good News must be spread far and wide unto the ends of the earth. Truly, as all can see from the text, Our Lord was a brave knight who faced his torment with grace and courage, so that mankind could be saved.

Yet despite this, I am also ashamed to be reminded of my part in it: for it was my spear that pierced the flesh of The Son of God. Although I was blind and unwitting of what I was being forced to do, this does not lessen my shame, or the stain of my actions. But despite the pain I had cause Our Lord, he blessed me nonetheless, for as his blood spurted from his wound it fell upon my face and healed my sightless eyes!

It is also sad to see, once more, the deplorable behavior of my fellow Jews, and how wickedly they treated the Lord of Mankind, and how creative the barbaric depravities they committed against Our Lord’s body. They placed a crown of sharp thorns upon his head. They scourged him with reeds. They crucified him, nailing him to a cross. They poisoned him, and through me, pierced him through the side. They did all this while mocking and deriding him. Truly, if my countrymen had been half as creative in mercy as they were in barbarity, then the calamities of the Siege of Jerusalem would surely not have fallen on them!

Also, in this dream, the figures of Righteousness and Truth argue with Mercy and Peace about the outcome of Christ’s death, and whether his sacrifice will open the gates of heaven for those who were righteous in their belief, but being of Adam’s stock, and poisoned with the sin of the apple of knowledge, wrongfully taken, were denied entrance to heaven. But I knew the outcome before the events occurred; for I have faith in Our Lord, and even more in His mercy. For if Christ blessed even I, one who had committed grievous injury against him, surely he would do as much for those whose only sin was that of their ancestors.


One thought on “To Hear One’s Story Retold

  1. Ahh Longinus, I can feel your pain, while I lay here in suffering! I know of the condemnation of men, and of their cruel ways. They do not understand the force which is put upon us, they do not understand the need that I had to eat. They survive but I cannot, they can kill to eat, but I cannot. We have been forced to do the things that we would not like to do, but they do not wish to understand, instead they mock us. Your God, this Lord who you have hurt out of force, is it true that he forgives? Then he will forgive us both for the bad they say we have done. When we are forgiven we will find those bad, evil, wicked men who did bad to us! We will fight together as brothers, and defeat those who did not understand us. I will be waiting for you by your Lord God, who will forgive me and then we shall stand together to fight this battle. I know you will come and fight with me, and so will my mother, and those who have been wronged! Do not turn my invitation we will be fighting for the good of God who forgave us.

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