Who Interprets God’s Word?

I have always been faced with much criticism for how many men I have chosen to wed. Many men from all over have said that by God’s word and scripture, a woman is to take only one husband. But who interprets His word as such? Who ignores the numerous wives of Abraham, Solomon, and Jacob? Why must I abide by the interpretations others have of God’s word? They are no closer to God than I am, I can have my own interpretations of God’s judgments and commands.

You, sir, dream a dream of corruption. A dream of God’s self ordained interpreters corrupting the word of God for their own benefit. You speak of Friars of all four orders who “expounded the Gospel however they saw fit.” You saw a land where a bishop’s seal was sent to “deceive people.” You saw a land where common mice and rats were oppressed by a stronger force of a cat.

Your dream is not merely a vision, but a reality. Why is it that these Friars, these bishops, cardinals and the like, interpret God’s teaching however they see fit? Why are they to interpret God’s Gospel if they can so very easily interpret with their best interest in mind? I am more than capable of being able to interpret just as they are, I can hold my own ideas about his word just as they do. It is all too easy for those with power to oppress those without.

God will be the one to pass judgment on me when that day comes, not the men who have given themselves positions of righteousness in order to pass judgment on those they believe to be beneath them. I will not abide by their interpretations, I will not be oppressed by their own ideas of God’s plans. Corruption is obviously in our midst.



3 thoughts on “Who Interprets God’s Word?

  1. No truer words have I heard than these. To be closer to God, a woman must cleave to Him herself and leave behind the men that work so diligently to keep them imprisoned. I myself follow behind the great female saints and grow wearier by day at the mention of these “priests”. What fools! Know they not that us women hold just as much power and just as much insight as they and quite possibly more? I myself was privileged enough to experience my own spiritual awakening some time ago and have been teaching other women how to do the same. Come, daughter, follow after me. Learn of me and I will show you the power of God and His everlasting righteousness.

  2. Of course you all should grow weary of priests who try to dictate the will of god, for they are but mortal men. If you wish to truly know the will of divine overseers, then you need talk someone other than a mortal man, someone with a divine connection, such as an emperor–such as myself. Endowed by divine order, I performed miracles during my time on earth, healing a blind man as well as a lame one. Only someone on the same order as myself, of the status of a god, would be capable of accurately dictating divine exegete. Do not be fooled by those priests, for as mortal men they are susceptible to the faults of mortal men. Oft they are out only to swindle the needy of their money; oft their lifestyles are in dissension with the faulty dogmas which they themselves set forth and proselytize: for instance, the monk from that bunch of pilgrims on their way to Canterbury. Such religious figures as him are in a good position, so of course then, they will try to maintain that position and resist those such as yourselves who question it—who threaten their prosperity.

  3. Wife of Bath you are very wise in your ability to see that these men are cowards. They have also judged me unfairly and used their powers against me. They judged my mother and I and gathered together to destroy us. But I could not stand by and let them do what they wanted so I defended myself, as you are doing now. I am not afraid of these men, and one day they will be judged like you say by God. He knows the truth of their ways. Join my army of those who have been unjustly judged and condemned we will fight together! Those who have mocked us will no longer laugh but ask for our forgiveness. I am not a fool to their ways they stand haughty and mighty but we both know their true character. Join me in battle my sister and we shall fight hand in hand!

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