Practice What You Preach

I must say, “The Siege of Jerusalem” has made me quite distressed. I value honor and staying true to your word above all else, as you all are likely aware. So it brings me much sadness to see these men, these self-proclaimed “Christians,” behaving in such a savage way. They claim to be fighting in the name of Christ, acting as Christ would want them to. Yet their actions quite blatantly contradict the very core of Christ’s teachings! He preached tolerance and mercy, and yet these men are without either. Indeed, I understand that there are times that necessitate violence, but this is certainly not one of them. These men, acting no more civilized than beasts, slaughtering innocent men and women in the name of faith. Truly they are nothing but cowards. If they so wish to act like savages, then they should admit that to themselves and to those around them. They are merely hiding behind their faith, a faith that is inconsistent with their actions. Now, I understand that the Old Testament does indeed depict vast amounts of violence. However, these men are specifically claiming to be knights of Christ. They bring shame to the term “knight.”

This denouncement of violence may seem odd coming from someone such as I. However, I am of the firm belief that men should own up to their actions and stay true to their word. These men do not practice what they preach. They are the aggressors in neither an even fight nor a dual of honor. Please remember that in my challenge to Gawain, he readily agreed to my terms and I did not strike him first! These men know not of honor or knighthood; they are no better than beasts.


2 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach

  1. Ah but wise Green Knight as you are renowned, you must recognize the subjectivity that exists within religion. There is no definite interpretation of the teachings of one in such matters as these. To say that they are contradicting the teachings of your prophet–who supposedly represents (accurately) the will of your deity– is to really be saying that they are contradicting your interpretations of the messages of whoever it is conveyed the teachings to you originally. It is impossible for such “teachings” to be transmitted without being subjected to alterations of some sort due to personal interpretations–it is impossible for bias and subjectivity to be separated from any matter completely. Thus, the best you can say is that these individuals, in this completely inaccurate “account”–maybe it should just be referred to as a tale– of the Roman siege of Jerusalem with their violent and depraved nature, are going against the more generally held interpretations of your deity. For one can infer that these individuals thought they were following the will of their God which begs the question then: if they thought their actions represented the will of their God–more importantly, they thought they were doing the right thing morally, at what point, and how/in what way, can we hold them in contempt for their actions? I propose no answer to this question, assuming a definite answer even exists (probably not); instead I simply wish to (pedantically) provoke your thought further and point out the nuances.

  2. Green Knight you are strong and brave and noble. It is true what you have said these men are cowards! Like the men who sought after me to destroy my life, I can feel what these Jews felt, they were helpless, and they were destroyed. Yet they fought despite their odds as did I, every man was against me, every man hated me. But for what reason I cannot tell you, but what happened to the Jewish people is the best example of what the reason can be. It is because I was not like them, it is because I was different. But God knows the truth, and one day I will collect my men and battle all those who have done harm against us. These baseless men greedy and prideful in nature will learn one day. God will be on our side this day and fight with us through this battle. We will be patiently waiting for the day of his calling and all of these wicked men will pay for ALL their wrong doings!

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