Endless Fallacies

I’ll say, although it has been quite a long time, I don’t remember our besieging of Jerusalem as happening in way which even slightly resembles that described: I do not recall ever converting to Christianity; nor do I recall being inflicted with “wasps”; nor Titus with a growth on his face; nor do I recall Domitian being in Judea—he was in Rome, under house arrest by the crave, portly, and covetous Vitellius, prior to my ascension to the throne. Has my memory really faded this severely? Surely not?, Josephus, Tacitus, and Suetonius make no mention of these things in their biographical works. Who then is this individual who dares to perpetrate fallacies regarding a god, though I suppose being a Christian—monotheistic—he would not recognize my divinity? Regardless, I am of royal status, and would think that even in such distant and alien times, it would be of convention to not contrive such slander.

My reason for besieging the ancient city was to force those insurgents to pay their due tribute to Rome. I was under order of the then emperor Nero—as deplorable as he was, it was necessary to respect him for who he was—Emperor of the one and only Roman Empire. How silly is it to think that any true Roman—pragmatic as we are in nature—would waste time and especially the lives of a good number of strong and loyal soldiers for a matter as pointless as religious war? One of the reasons Rome became so successful and was able to hold such a heterogeneous amalgamation of subjects under one seat of rule was because we recognized the necessity of tolerating the religions of our subjects. So, especially then, to go to all the trouble to avenge the death of some religious figure—such a preposterously unfounded cause—is absurd.


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