What is the True Lord’s Wish?

I am not one to speak on the virtues of our Almighty Father, since I was apt to commit sin against the Lord when I was seeking to seduce Sir Gawain. I do not however think that our Lord’s wish was to have countless deaths made in his honor in order to make others believe. The Lord tests the faith in those who believe without being inflicted upon. One cannot force religion upon those who don’t believe in Him in their hearts.

Since when has violence ever been acceptable in the Lord’s honor? He’s crucified on the rood in order to sacrifice Himself for people who didn’t believe. Vespasian is noble in the sense that he’s taking action and trying to do right by Him, but the slaughtering of numerous Jews couldn’t be the Lord’s intent. Caiaphas could’ve been captured and questioned for his wrongdoings, and then efforts into converting the Jews into Christianity could’ve fared better than the present outcome.

The poor animals who dealt with the gashing blows and innocent deaths! Elephants are such caring and memorable beings that we should learn something from. Their love for each other and mothering nature for their offspring is a  love we do not possess and one that the Lord was wishing we’d have for one another; even the ones like Caiaphas who had him killed on the rood.

The detail of the killings is absolutely vile. I am a gentle, loving woman. My worst sin was pursuing adultery, but by no means would I ever split a man’s brain open or cut a woman heavy with a child open so her unborn child flings from her womb. That is not what He wanted for us!  Vespasian and Titus should’ve asked themselves what the true wish of our Lord was before they went on a killing spree, because all this shows is how mankind is filled with a bunch of anger-driven, war-crazed, obsessively violent creatures who do not have consideration or love for one another. Forgiveness is the Lord’s wish for us, and now despite all of our sins…that’s what we’ll soon long for from Him when our day is due.


One thought on “What is the True Lord’s Wish?

  1. I agree, Lady, that such excessive brutality was not necessary. I admit, however, to some bias. After all, I was a Jew before the blood of Our Lord and Savior opened my eyes, both figuratively and literally. Yet few have experienced as much cruelty as I have at the hand of my fellow Jews. For they took me, an old blind man, and forced me to take my spear and pierce the side of our living God!

    However, while justice is necessary and good, it seems that Vespasian and Titus let their passions consume them. Though their thoughts of outrage and anger for the treatment of Our Gracious Lord do them credit, surely there is no such need for the wholesale slaughter of my former people.

    Yet while I condemn their actions, I can empathize with their fervor. Few experiences are as powerful as the feeling of the divine healing of Loving Jesus. I was healed by His blood, my sight restored. Vespasian and Titus were similarly healed through the grace of Our Lord, and thus gratitude, awe, and love swell in their breasts and conspire to consume their rationality. They should remember, instead, that Our Lord is not only a just God, but a forgiving one as well. As they dispense His justice, they should therefore temper it with mercy as well.

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