Is The True Practice of Love, Knighthood’s Very Lore?

Sir Gawain is quite a noble knight. Making his way to my Lord’s kingdom in order to pursue a former deal with the green man he speaks of is by far a brave act that I have not seen before. Oh how he is handsome, one would think in his quests he would search for love, but among the many talks I have with him, it does not seem of his desire. I have made myself an object of opportunity for him to pursue, but he stays composed.

Is it a silly dream of mine to think that Sir Gawain would fall ill without love much like Lanval? Am I one of a fairytale? To think that knight’s are said to have ventured their lives for true love, suffered for their love-longings dismal times, and then out of misery see revenge through valor? I find myself sounding foolish, but I feel rather giddy and of gentle nature for Gawain. Although his only focus seems to be wrapped up in his duty towards this green man, I wish him to find me more prevalent in his works.

Perhaps I am the wrong one to wish such fantasies upon this knight, for my own king sets out day in and out to bring back the finest of his killings for Gawain as I lay in bed with him and share sweet talk. After the second time I met with Gawain, we had talk about plenty but love was not one. I have yet to hear him speak of any beloved, although he claims he has more expertise in the subject by half than a hundred such men.

How must I feel more for this gallant and brave and than I do for my own king? I have nothing to remember from him, but he has my girdle, as he must keep it a secret from my lord. May Gawain continue on to be a noble, gallant knight who wouldn’t betray my Lord by the pursuits of me, but I shall forever live in grieving to lose the man I love. For we share far deeper feelings than ones of lust. I have simply fallen for his sweet talk and delicate kisses and will think of him day in and day out until the days are no more.


One thought on “Is The True Practice of Love, Knighthood’s Very Lore?

  1. My Lady! You must cease this unseemly behavior at once! It does not suit a good Christian woman or a wife to act in such an indecent manner. Your heart should belong to your lord husband and to your Lord Jesus Christ alone. None but your husband should excite such feelings and temptations in you. To indulge in these foolish feminine feelings is a weakness, and I fear it could lead to the eternal damnation of your soul! You must repent now and firmly resolve to avoid such temptations in the future. Instead occupy your time with prayer and quiet reflection. It is also said by many a physician that as a cure for such bodily weakness, emersion of oneself in frigid water is most efficacious.

    I may only be an old knight, but I swear to you that such behavior would never have been tolerated in my youth! Each succeeding generations seem to grow more brazen and sinful than the last! I fear for the future of Christendom if such immodest behavior continues. Not only do you owe your allegiance to your husband as your liege lord, but you also have a duty to provide him with children to continue his line. You must be a model to them of goodness and Christian values. How are you to achieve this if you continue to carry on with such licentious behavior?

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