What More Can I Say?

Reflecting back on my prologue and tale, I’m quite proud to see what words I strung together with help from the experience I had behind me at that time. My lengthy prologue was by far the most helpful and wisest of all the prologues, as I alone have true life experience and thoughts of my own. I couldn’t bear to listen to the other pilgrims’ tales, none of them being as well read or as well travelled as I– and their shortcomings being quite obvious in their presentations of stories. I truly don’t understand why their prologues or tales were even necessary after my own performance.

I do wonder if the men I traveled with went forward in their lives, keeping the moral I taught to them close to their hearts. I hope their wives were given control and managed to find themselves a wealth and power they didn’t have before. Perhaps in having such they will also experience more and better of the world, perhaps even more and better husbands. They need not listen to their husband’s interpretations of scripture, or any other man’s for that matter. They can listen to mine, if it so suits them. Men of the Old Testament married whomever they pleased and we are a people meant to procreate. Surely that is as good a reading of the Lord’s word as a Friar, monk, priest, or bishop could come up with.

Control is what keeps a woman happy, what keeps a wife and marriage happy. It is such fruitful advice that it can be applied to even multiple marriages, as I have found. I know that many lack the real world experience that I have, and even the well read culture I have developed for myself, I just hope that nonetheless those with less than I will still be capable of understanding my moral and teachings.

To Hear One’s Story Retold

I am gladdened to hear once again the account of the sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus. It is true that this is a story which all must hear, for the Good News must be spread far and wide unto the ends of the earth. Truly, as all can see from the text, Our Lord was a brave knight who faced his torment with grace and courage, so that mankind could be saved.

Yet despite this, I am also ashamed to be reminded of my part in it: for it was my spear that pierced the flesh of The Son of God. Although I was blind and unwitting of what I was being forced to do, this does not lessen my shame, or the stain of my actions. But despite the pain I had cause Our Lord, he blessed me nonetheless, for as his blood spurted from his wound it fell upon my face and healed my sightless eyes!

It is also sad to see, once more, the deplorable behavior of my fellow Jews, and how wickedly they treated the Lord of Mankind, and how creative the barbaric depravities they committed against Our Lord’s body. They placed a crown of sharp thorns upon his head. They scourged him with reeds. They crucified him, nailing him to a cross. They poisoned him, and through me, pierced him through the side. They did all this while mocking and deriding him. Truly, if my countrymen had been half as creative in mercy as they were in barbarity, then the calamities of the Siege of Jerusalem would surely not have fallen on them!

Also, in this dream, the figures of Righteousness and Truth argue with Mercy and Peace about the outcome of Christ’s death, and whether his sacrifice will open the gates of heaven for those who were righteous in their belief, but being of Adam’s stock, and poisoned with the sin of the apple of knowledge, wrongfully taken, were denied entrance to heaven. But I knew the outcome before the events occurred; for I have faith in Our Lord, and even more in His mercy. For if Christ blessed even I, one who had committed grievous injury against him, surely he would do as much for those whose only sin was that of their ancestors.

Who Interprets God’s Word?

I have always been faced with much criticism for how many men I have chosen to wed. Many men from all over have said that by God’s word and scripture, a woman is to take only one husband. But who interprets His word as such? Who ignores the numerous wives of Abraham, Solomon, and Jacob? Why must I abide by the interpretations others have of God’s word? They are no closer to God than I am, I can have my own interpretations of God’s judgments and commands.

You, sir, dream a dream of corruption. A dream of God’s self ordained interpreters corrupting the word of God for their own benefit. You speak of Friars of all four orders who “expounded the Gospel however they saw fit.” You saw a land where a bishop’s seal was sent to “deceive people.” You saw a land where common mice and rats were oppressed by a stronger force of a cat.

Your dream is not merely a vision, but a reality. Why is it that these Friars, these bishops, cardinals and the like, interpret God’s teaching however they see fit? Why are they to interpret God’s Gospel if they can so very easily interpret with their best interest in mind? I am more than capable of being able to interpret just as they are, I can hold my own ideas about his word just as they do. It is all too easy for those with power to oppress those without.

God will be the one to pass judgment on me when that day comes, not the men who have given themselves positions of righteousness in order to pass judgment on those they believe to be beneath them. I will not abide by their interpretations, I will not be oppressed by their own ideas of God’s plans. Corruption is obviously in our midst.


Endless Fallacies

I’ll say, although it has been quite a long time, I don’t remember our besieging of Jerusalem as happening in way which even slightly resembles that described: I do not recall ever converting to Christianity; nor do I recall being inflicted with “wasps”; nor Titus with a growth on his face; nor do I recall Domitian being in Judea—he was in Rome, under house arrest by the crave, portly, and covetous Vitellius, prior to my ascension to the throne. Has my memory really faded this severely? Surely not?, Josephus, Tacitus, and Suetonius make no mention of these things in their biographical works. Who then is this individual who dares to perpetrate fallacies regarding a god, though I suppose being a Christian—monotheistic—he would not recognize my divinity? Regardless, I am of royal status, and would think that even in such distant and alien times, it would be of convention to not contrive such slander.

My reason for besieging the ancient city was to force those insurgents to pay their due tribute to Rome. I was under order of the then emperor Nero—as deplorable as he was, it was necessary to respect him for who he was—Emperor of the one and only Roman Empire. How silly is it to think that any true Roman—pragmatic as we are in nature—would waste time and especially the lives of a good number of strong and loyal soldiers for a matter as pointless as religious war? One of the reasons Rome became so successful and was able to hold such a heterogeneous amalgamation of subjects under one seat of rule was because we recognized the necessity of tolerating the religions of our subjects. So, especially then, to go to all the trouble to avenge the death of some religious figure—such a preposterously unfounded cause—is absurd.

Practice What You Preach

I must say, “The Siege of Jerusalem” has made me quite distressed. I value honor and staying true to your word above all else, as you all are likely aware. So it brings me much sadness to see these men, these self-proclaimed “Christians,” behaving in such a savage way. They claim to be fighting in the name of Christ, acting as Christ would want them to. Yet their actions quite blatantly contradict the very core of Christ’s teachings! He preached tolerance and mercy, and yet these men are without either. Indeed, I understand that there are times that necessitate violence, but this is certainly not one of them. These men, acting no more civilized than beasts, slaughtering innocent men and women in the name of faith. Truly they are nothing but cowards. If they so wish to act like savages, then they should admit that to themselves and to those around them. They are merely hiding behind their faith, a faith that is inconsistent with their actions. Now, I understand that the Old Testament does indeed depict vast amounts of violence. However, these men are specifically claiming to be knights of Christ. They bring shame to the term “knight.”

This denouncement of violence may seem odd coming from someone such as I. However, I am of the firm belief that men should own up to their actions and stay true to their word. These men do not practice what they preach. They are the aggressors in neither an even fight nor a dual of honor. Please remember that in my challenge to Gawain, he readily agreed to my terms and I did not strike him first! These men know not of honor or knighthood; they are no better than beasts.

What is the True Lord’s Wish?

I am not one to speak on the virtues of our Almighty Father, since I was apt to commit sin against the Lord when I was seeking to seduce Sir Gawain. I do not however think that our Lord’s wish was to have countless deaths made in his honor in order to make others believe. The Lord tests the faith in those who believe without being inflicted upon. One cannot force religion upon those who don’t believe in Him in their hearts.

Since when has violence ever been acceptable in the Lord’s honor? He’s crucified on the rood in order to sacrifice Himself for people who didn’t believe. Vespasian is noble in the sense that he’s taking action and trying to do right by Him, but the slaughtering of numerous Jews couldn’t be the Lord’s intent. Caiaphas could’ve been captured and questioned for his wrongdoings, and then efforts into converting the Jews into Christianity could’ve fared better than the present outcome.

The poor animals who dealt with the gashing blows and innocent deaths! Elephants are such caring and memorable beings that we should learn something from. Their love for each other and mothering nature for their offspring is a  love we do not possess and one that the Lord was wishing we’d have for one another; even the ones like Caiaphas who had him killed on the rood.

The detail of the killings is absolutely vile. I am a gentle, loving woman. My worst sin was pursuing adultery, but by no means would I ever split a man’s brain open or cut a woman heavy with a child open so her unborn child flings from her womb. That is not what He wanted for us!  Vespasian and Titus should’ve asked themselves what the true wish of our Lord was before they went on a killing spree, because all this shows is how mankind is filled with a bunch of anger-driven, war-crazed, obsessively violent creatures who do not have consideration or love for one another. Forgiveness is the Lord’s wish for us, and now despite all of our sins…that’s what we’ll soon long for from Him when our day is due.

Gifted Hands (The Titus Story)

I have been called many things; heretic, liar, ugly, scared and evil. Now they can add believer to the painful enumerate. It is in my nature and royal blood, and now that I’m healed I am justified for this bashful pride. Romulus, Remus and Titus. The Holy Trinity! May God remind me never to wash this face with nothing ‘xempt for any thing save the holy-holiest of fluids. The purest water on Gods grassy sphere would not suffice in cleansing what is already sacred. Simply it would wash away the miracle! As Achillies before me dipped in the River Styx, I am fatally mortal now in flawed areas. No complaints will you find here if you are seeking so! I could be Vespasian. Vespasian whose face burns like it had been conquered by Nero! With arms so slender they could be nailed to the lyre in lieu of strings! A musical rood for thought! Let me grab my parchment, Domitian will for sure enjoy that ruse. He always had father’s sense of humor and mothers sense of dying too young.

God has without a doubt bestowed upon Brother Sir Sabin with the sure gift of the gab. Lion of language is he, my faith! If I lay my lions near his coat-tails I pray his talents trickle atop my head and I too can carry over such high levels of oration! Therefore, I hope, and I pray, to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, to one day possess such talent to spread the good word.