A Knight’s Loyalty


It humbles me greatly to write about the tale between my Lady Love and myself. My heart warms at the very thought of her. At first, I was unable to speak of her, which pained me greatly. I wanted more than ever to shout at the high heavens how much I truly love this woman. But now it has changed, and I can be with her freely at last. It seemed that for most of my life, I had gone unnoticed for my nobility and strengths as a knight of King Arthur’s Court; but to then be noticed by the most noble, wise, and beautiful, (Lanval, 72) was my greatest honor. I cannot think of a greater moment in my life than the moment my Lady came to my rescue on her horse.

There were no happier moments in my life than the days I spent with my Lady and living in her worth. I shared my new wealth with all who would receive it and show me love and respect, and also those who deserved it – maybe some who did not. But I did not care. I wanted to share my wealth, happiness, and freedom with the rest of the lands. I wanted them to feel what I was feeling. These were my happiest days, and all was well until loyalty came into play.

I am loyal to King Arthur. I swore this loyalty the day I became a knight in his court. In doing this, I committed to a lifetime of servitude for the King, and his Queen, and to defend the Kingdom on which he rules. A knight should be many things, but above all he should be loyal and courageous. I attested to be both of these things, until Queen Guinivere made her advances toward me and I was not able to respond to them in a respectful manner. While I first tried to politely decline her advances, to remain loyal to both King Arthur and my Lady, the Queen did not take my rejections to her lightly. After many vengeful and harmful insults in my direction, she finally left to tell the King of the horrible way in which I insulted her. HA! No matter, my Love came to clear my name in the end, and to prove her beauty and worthiness to all of the Court.

I could not be more grateful to have such an honorable story told in my name. I was unable to receive the recognition as a Knight that I had always wanted until my tale was told. Though I cannot say whether or not the Lady and I escaped to Avalon, I can tell you that I will forever remain happy and at peace with my Lady.


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