Such Lies!

It is of course disturbing to read a history of one’s life. It is more so disturbing to see lies printed under the guise of truth and honest history. Am I supposed to accept that I, King Arthur, was conceived under such dishonorable circumstances? Surely God would have punished my father for deceiving Igernia and taking her in such deceitful ways. It makes far more sense that I was conceived after my father, Uther Pendragon, took Castle Dimilioc. It is disconcerting, however, to know that Merlin would have been fully capable of performing such a magical feat; to make one man to look unequivocally like another. If the lies of this venomous Geoffrey are to be believed, then Merlin knew exactly what nefarious business he was conducting. It pains me greatly to know that my most trusted adviser would act in such a way.

It pains me to hear that my kingdom fell into “civil discord” after I retreated to Avalon. Even after my many attempts to purge the pagans from my lands, God still saw fit to punish my people for their faithfulness. The great plague that ravaged my populace can only be a sign from our Lord in Heaven that not all is right with Briton. It is the worst insult that the Saxons came back and took Briton, without any sort of resistance. I raided their lands to initiate my long, prosperous reign, and it is crushing to see them exact revenge, although it is only to be expected.


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