Revenge Unrealized

Wretched and alone, but now truly alone! Son no more, a mother’s tears have no place ‘til vengeance be sought. Rage and sorrow mix, and only bloodbath could quell. For treasure and glory are only good with those to share. Now share in pain for missing kinsmen. Share in the sorrow and return me remains! You rip my child’s life and trophy you shall not keep. My remains is all that is left. You think I gloat, but only rage and pain arise. More misery you shall suffer. Understand the despair my waters suffer now. Without company, alone I suffer. Though pain extends, revenge feels unfulfilled. Stuck down so quick, such a person could not have torn my son from life. You who dare to come here, something tells me it is you. Your boasts are to fail! Strength means nothing under rage, for mine is greater.

True vengeance will be made. Just die and meet the same end. Die, so I and son may rest in peace of your demise! With vengeance in sight, that too grasped from me! Can death take my woe and rage? In my last moments, I curse you! May your luck dry and life follow swift. Feel the pain I suffer before you die. Revenge no more, I also no more. My son made a mockery and so sorrow follows even after death.


3 thoughts on “Revenge Unrealized

  1. Such great magic you and your son have displayed, and yet you are unable to defeat a mortal man. Even your rage and sorrow were not motivation enough to overcome such a glorious hero, as Beowulf was. It is obvious that your anger only clouded your judgement, as you must have known that Beowulf would be your demise. Your death will only grant Beowulf more honor, you did nothing but help his everlasting legacy. This fight was not yours to win. At least now your bloodline, which was cursed by Abel, has finally come to a dramatic end, and you and your son will finally find peace from your wretched and rejected otherness.

  2. Battles were fought and lost. I know how you are feeling, dear Mother. I, too, had a taste of true devastation. My own child was taken from me. In the name of God, nothing will bring him back. You must accept this. Beowulf did what he had to in order to save a kingdom. He is no better than the ones who wrong my own. Sometimes you cannot protect the ones you love from the dangerous in the world, no matter how hard one tries. The pain may never go away from this horrid choice made by a man, though it will make you stronger. Do you not think I don’t know pain? I watched my own murdered. Do you not think I want vengeance for it? Do you not think my son was not made a mockery of? It is hard seeing your own in pain or suffering. We have all suffered in our own way. Do not let this rage become your life. Have faith, dear Mother, you will find peace with your son.

  3. How this beast speaks with head detached? A result less surprising when facts assembled! Raised by an alien spirit–an effeminate one nonetheless! Who could have predicted such squalor in battle? I hear the arm of your son fled the body in battle of fright. Hell, I know Jesuits who would fight without limb! For sake, for shame have you no pride in that terror flock you claim? I am resentful to share God’s playground with the likes of you! Both Merlin and Mary alike. “oh, oh, find peace with your son, boo-hoo.” How words morph to sword of patrimony, and chastisement and rain blows upon the head! Mother of Grendel, father of folly. May I relieve myself upon your empty neck-shelf and tell you of the grey clouds that mist above! Never thought, the day I would come to see.

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