A Salute to Brave Beowulf

Verily, this Beowulf is a warrior for the Lord of Mankind! It must be true, as the story says, that righteous Jesus has sent Beowulf and his warriors upon their holy quest to cleanse the world of the evil Grendel. It seems clear that, Christ, having pity for the poor souls dwelling in fear of Grendel’s violence, sought to ensure their safety by enlisting the support of the Beowulf, a warrior blessed by God with many gifts.

Would that I could have joined them, in fulfilling the work of our lord. But I am but an old knight, and it has been many a year since I fought, spear in hand. Even with my sight restored to what is was in my youth, through the blood of Christ, I fear I would not qualify for such a illustrious party as sailed with Beowulf.

But Beowulf was strong, and brave, and needed no such help. I praise his valiant battle with the creature Grendel. The Lord was with him, and lent him strength. All is possible with God on one’s side. For it was not through wyrd, but through the will of God that mighty Beowulf was victorious. Truly the noble hero is a tribute to the Geats, for he has done both his father on Earth, Ecgtheow, and his father in heaven proud.


One thought on “A Salute to Brave Beowulf

  1. Beowulf is indeed a mighty warrior. Your assessment holds true, and I do think he must be sent from our Lord above. How can one with such skill and strength as Beowulf not be blessed by God’s own hand? None the less, I can not help but pity the poor Grendel beast. It is a sad, angry creature, and my heart goes out to it. I too know what the isolation that poor Grendel suffers from feels like. It seems not to think as we do, but in simplistic animalistic terms. Can a creature without sufficient sentience truly be evil?
    Still he is an undeniable menace on the community and must be stopped by great Beowulf. Each creature on this earth has its heaven-sent fate, and perhaps Grendel’s is to be slain by the great Beowulf just as Beowulf’s is to slay the beast and be a hero. Are we, both men and beast, to blame for our ordained destiny? After all, there can be no opportunity for bold Beowulf to rise up and prove his heroism without a monstrosity such as Grendel. Simply something to ponder.

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