Beowulf & Grendel

I saw in night, inside, those men. The shiny metal the shiny metal, so good for me. I want to eat, while they sleep, so they won’t bother me. If I don’t eat I will die, I need to eat to survive. But I won’t take too much, not too many. Just a little and I will stop. The first one was quiet I rip fast, no noise with him. No fight, I was glad. I ate and ate, the bones, and drink the blood, but I am hungry, I need eat. My anger, my anger is strong in me, and when angry I cannot not see. I NEED eat…NOW. I see more shiny and I am hungry, but they do not listen, they do not care. they care, I can eat, but they no care. I will eat them ALL! They no care, I will eat them…every one, I need eat.  But he come, and AHHHHHHHH he take my arm, no arm, BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD, MY BLOOD?! I run, fast away, into the dark, where they leave me, where no one see me. I hurt inside, when blood come out, I feel hurt, outside. I run and run, I hurt, and I run. He come again? I fall,I go to run, I fall. I make to my home, the place of dark. The place of always night. I fall, and no get up. Sleep, inside pain, need sleep, but inside pain. I no need food, no no no. No arm, blood big blood big. No sleep, blood too big, no sleep for me. No one, no one, no one, but me. No care for me. No care, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. . Blood is more, big blood  no good, I sleep.


3 thoughts on “Beowulf & Grendel

  1. I try not to think ill of warriors as valorous as King Beowulf. He thought of you as a uncivilized man. As a man and a worthy opponent he felt obliged to meet you on equal terms by disarming himself.

    “I have also heard that this evil beast in his wilderness does not care for weapons, so too will I scorn- so that Hygelae my liege-lord, may be glad of me”

    Now, I see low creature that you are. Beowulf’s concession was not chivalrous, it was vainglorious. I have savage and vile men and made, but you are not thus. If we should met I will not make the same error. Arondight shall not be laid aside or left in my scabbard and I shall dispatch you swiftly. I would call on any other knight of the Table Round or Noble Warriors of other kingdoms to do the same.

  2. Forever lost, no more shall you return to our waters. Sorrow and rage erupts, but to the one who begot such pain terrors await you. Revenge will be made through your life! For you are why my son is no longer. Why I must endure these waters alone with no company. No greater sorrow than a parting love one. No final moments or remains to hold. Because of you, killer of kin, I am left with nothing. You too will feel pain!

  3. Grendel, stalker of the night, what was it that made you so? Was there no one but your vile mother to teach you the vital lessons of lyf? Can you not see the error of your ways, with your insatiable appetite for human flesh and your complete disregard for another’s pain?

    You are a sik and wicked creature. But I wonder, is there hope for you yet?

    Doubtless, for you are a descendant of that most wicked of men, who allowed the Adversary to reach inside his heart and sully his soul. By your testimony alone, it is evident you are soulless, beyond redemption. So for you, I have nothyng, no words and no wisdom.

    As for you, Sir Launcelot, gentil and arty knight, if you do chance upon the creature, remember the fables of old, for they hold valuable truths that could be helpful in this fight. Although with less one arm, don’t underestimate this demonic brute. It was he who terrorized the Danes in the time of Hrothgar. But remember that you, Sir Knight, has an advantage over the Danes and the mighty Beowulf, for you and your fellows carry the Sword and Shield of the Christian faith. I have no doubt that with your courage and faith that this is a fight you would most surely triumph.

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