The Warrior’s Weapon

I believe that the answer to this riddle is the curious Rood I met recently. The Rood refers to his master as a Warrior and a Knight. After I spoke the likeness of the Rood and his knight to my King and the sword he pulled from the stone in his youth it became clear that this “Warrior’s Weapon” was the Rood.

“Wound me in twisted wires of gold and silver” is near identical to to Rood’s own words “adorned me with gold and silver”.

“Sometimes men kiss me” as I have seen priests kiss the base of the Rood in reverence.

“I summon willing companions to battle” did not the great King Constantine use the image of the Rood as his heraldry?

“Sometimes I hang shining on a wall, decorated and adorned where men drink.” Another rite of those who call the Knight of the Rood King. As is “Sometimes my song summons proud warriors to share wine”

“I breath in the breath of a soldier’s breast.” Many knights clutch symbols of the Rood to their breasts when mortally wounded and others place the sign there for them when they are too weak from their wounds.




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