I am the Rood

Lo! It is not through illegal substance abuse that I, the Rood, have been given sentience. I was there with our Lord when he was brutally slain. I was there when he took unimaginable pain for all of humanity. I, the Rood, and our Lord became one, standing together stained with blood, carrying the sins of mankind. From a tree of life to a Rood of death, I am a Rood like none other. I was pierced by the same nails. I felt His flesh tear and his body shake against mine, but we didn’t waver. I tasted the salt in the tears of all of our Lord’s sons and daughters for eternity to come. I stood by our Lord in his most dire moment. Though I was used to torture and mock Him, displaying his death for all to see, I stood by him strongly, and He stood by me. So gracious he was, to me, the Rood.

Now, just as our Lord is honored above all men, I, the Rood, am honored above all tree. I was cut and contorted, forced against my will to be used against our Lord. But despite that, I was there for him. I supported him the best I could, and now, I am adorned with gold and silver. I am garnished with lavish beauty to symbolize my noble efforts for our Lord. However, beneath my glistening shine will always lay the sacred bloodshed. Thus, never forget: beneath my beautiful sparkle is a struggle experienced by no other rood. I am not just any rood. I am the Rood. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “I am the Rood

  1. I must say, I find your tale to be quite inspiring! Despite your hesitations about acting as the Lord’s Cross, you nonetheless fulfilled your duty in a most admirable fashion. And yet, although you acted as a key instrument in the Lord’s death, you still remained loyal to him throughout. As you may know from my experiences with Sir Gawain, loyalty and fulfillment of responsibility are two qualities that I regard with the utmost value. A real man is one who remains true to his word, and in this regard you did not falter. I have only respect for anyone that is willing to suffer so in order to remain faithful. I have also given much thought to the way in which you carried yourself alongside the Lord, and that too reminded me of my own values. Despite the central role you played in the Crucifixion of the Lord, you nonetheless remained a friend to him. It is quite important to remember that one cannot always be judged on appearances, lest a friend be mistaken for an enemy. Lo, you were not Christ’s adversary in death but an ally. Just as I was not truly a foe to Sir Gawain; I showed him great hospitality and only wished to test his courage. And like Sir Gawain was rewarded for his coming to my Chapel, so too were you rewarded and worshipped for carrying the Lord. You bear a most impressive history! Indeed, others should learn from your example.

  2. If your sentience was not granted through illegal substance then what magic could this be! Your journey from a tree to a rood to a symbol of hope is quite inspiring. As a wizard with the abilities of prophecy I had seen the Lord crucified, but in no way did I think of its effect on what appeared to be a simple rood. The believers of the Catholic faith believe in you as they believe in their human son of God. You suffered just as he had suffered, and you are worshiped just as he is worshiped. Many remember me, Merlin, only for my duties as an adviser to the great King Arthur, but I was much more than this. My legacy is naught compared to you. You shall ever be remembered as Christ’s last place of living, his final support, and you will be adorned and worshiped for the rest of your days, Rood.

  3. Hail Noble Rood,

    I am intrigued that your memory reaches back to your life as a tree. You felt yourself wronged by the men who puled you from the ground and crafted you into a cross and you dreaded the work they set for you until your knight came to you. Your tale reminds me of my King Arthur’s tale oft retold story of puling the sword from the stone. If my sword could speak would it cry for it’s time as ore in the earth? I pray it would speak half so well of me as you speak of your master,

  4. I, too, was present at Our Lord’s death, and I share with you the excruciating experience of being a part of his painful end, before his glorious resurrection. While you supported him during his ordeal, I, a poor old and blind knight, was forced to pierce his heart with my spear point. But rather than punishment, I experienced the mercy and power of Christ. As my spear pierced his side, his blood spurted from the wound and healed my blind eyes! I begged my Lord for mercy, for I had not meant to injure him so, and I received his forgiveness.

    While time has left me much maligned, I am grateful that you have endured in a place of honor. For you, Rood, are a symbol, know the world wide, representing the great sacrifice and suffering that Our Lord endured for the sake of all mankind. If envy were not a sin, I would envy you for your continuing place as a symbol in the service of Our Savior. Instead, I am content with the small part that I played in the story of Our Lord, and am grateful for the mercy that I have received for my part in it.

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