What a Masquerade!

Such excitement!  In a few short hours we pilgrims will all be revealing our trewe identities for all to see!  I know I am quite interested to see who a few of you are without the safety of your cloaks to protect you.  This Internette is quite the tool for allowing us to hide behind the cloak of invisibility and anonymity…

So what have my fellow pilgrims thought about their entry passes for our journey this week?  I know I have had a difficult time reimagining myself into the House of Fame.  Can you imagine, a Manciple meeting Lady Fama?  I think I would most likely be in the house of whirling twigs given all of the information I hear at work and all of my masters that I have *cough* tricked *cough* I mean assisted.

If only I were learned enough or ranked high enough to have been grasped by an eagle and taken on a trip between heaven and earth!  Goddes, it is so boring an lonely here making budgets and tracking expenses for a college.  If I were of high enough estaat I would ask that the Eagle take me on the same journey that Coustance took, from start to finish.  I would love to see the beauty and majesty of Rome; the inspiring tales from the East; the span of the Great Sea; and what my beloved Engelond looks like from above.


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