Fame and the Internette

Greetings Mr. Chaucer,

Many weeks have passed since we were last acquainted. Our pilgrimage to Canterberry proved to be a very enriching experience. This internette that you speak of has even made my tale accessible to patrons all around the world. I admire this Lady Fame you speak of–for if it was not for her no one would ever speak of me, The wife of Bath. Mr. Chaucer, surely you should not be surprised that your fame has withstood the tests of time, and it is only natural that you use this internette to practice your craft. I must advise that you caution yourself, for the internette can be full of many that take false personas or even pass off incomprehensible writing as actual literature. Although the internet can persevere ones legacy, it can also ruin ones reputation. Mr. Chaucer do not fall victims to the ladies that may send incising emails, for once you engage in questionable behavior, the internette will keep a permanent record of your misconduct. I wish you well with your future endeavors and be proud that your fame has grown to reach the heavens.


4 thoughts on “Fame and the Internette

  1. Do not worry, dear Wife of Bath. While I do desire fame, I will not seek it in the ways of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

  2. Mr Chaucer, wife of bath is quite accurate in her warning! Do not fall for those incriminating emails with promise of lust. Tempting, I know, but not realistic. I advise you to create a “spam” folder in your email to rid yourself the temptation.

  3. While the internet is an easy way to communicate with a large mass of people, we must also consider Chaucer’s own warning via the depiction of “Lady Fame”. The internet has the potential to be a large abyss of excess stimuli. We only have two eyes, yet you may soon wish you had more, for even a full body’s surface full of eyes will not be enough to navigate the depths of the almighty net! I have, on occasion, found myself within the fringes of the “Youtube”, where many a misguided fellow had verbally abused the innocent uploader of such whimsical things! You must enter at your own risk! On one particular undesirable evening, I stumbled upon Lady Fame herself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZLHjV2lfE&feature=my_liked_videos&list=LLvjPNLm1s3pwth5m_aTLXDg

    Oh, the humanity!

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