A Question for Mr. Chaucer

Forgive me, Mr. Chaucer, for bringing up such a couple of strange question, but there are a few things I have been wonderynge since we began our pilgrimmage and they are beginning to itch at my mind and so I must ask– I hope you will excuse my curiosity toward matters unrelated to our current reading.

I have read from a certain source (http://www.alchemylab.com/cannabis_stone4.htm) that sometimes references to the “Green Man” may have been made as secretive references to bhang or hashish.  Is there any possible truth to this?

Also, what was the status of cannabis in your time?  Would perhaps one of the pilgrims ever have considered lighting up a road doobie?   Was it used at all in England in Medieval times or was it still stuck in other regions?  Just curious….for no reason. 


4 thoughts on “A Question for Mr. Chaucer

  1. An interesting question, dear Man of Law! While I have no understanding of how Chaucer feels about this “Green Man,” I can say I’ve seen it passed around in the past. I myself ignored it, as I felt it could interfere with the copious amounts of alcohol I was consuming.

  2. Ha! Indeed that was a wise decision, the type Fortune often rewards (but sometimes doesn’t–the alcohol alone could prove your undoing!) My philosophy on cannabis use is lenghty and conflicted so i shall spare you–however, with Mr. Chaucer and The Host’s permission I would be completely unopposed to breaking out my supply and sharing it for the last leg of our journey! And I hope Mr. Chaucer can provide me with some insight on the subject as I have always been curious as to marijuana’s historical use.

  3. I see right through your ruse, Man of Law. You are a narc, posing as an innocent cannabis-consuming Canterburian when in reality you are a scheming law-enforcer. You probably have entered into some sort of agreement with the Summoner. You think my psychedelic experience with the golden eagle proves that I am a drug abuser, but I must insist, I did NOT know those berries were hallucinogenic!

    As for the Green Man, are you referring to the Green Knight perhaps? I heard the guy who wrote it was so high he forgot his own name!

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