Dear Geoffrey Chaucer,

I see you too have realize that the internet has become a dumping ground of all of earth’s dwellers. I also think that Fame has perhaps morphed from a lady covered with eyes, ears, and tongues to the internet the catch all for everyone’s opinions but I don’t know if I would classify the majority of internet information as “wisdom” so much as those young folk with great amounts of free time (they do not confess or go on pilgrimages, tisk tisk).

But, Dear Chaucer, your fame has grown quite large, it shows with all of your emails! You have many friends well versed in our Middle English and know many a thing about our customs and lives.

I see now from your blog that perhaps I, as a Friar, should utilize this “internet” for my own fame and purposes. Perhaps I shall set up an online confession blog where I can advise my peers on the go rather than spending so much time making home visits. Perhaps I will also set up an online donation area so that I may stay a friar and not suffer so much poverty.

Over all, good job, my good friend.


4 thoughts on “

  1. While I can’t say I would make a donation to your fund, I WOULD very much like a way of confessing without being face to face with my friar. Most importantly, I’m encouraged to cease drinking when it comes time to confess, which I very much dislike. I’d love to simply make my daily confession from the comfort of my own computer chair.

  2. Ah, Miller, but be careful your sloppy drunken fingers don’t betray you while typing your confession! For what good is a confession that cannot be understood? Then again, it takes hours to interpret some of the things Mr. Chaucer has written and it still retains its value, so perhaps a little of your drunken blather would end up containing some pearls of wisdom. Inside many addicts are reasons for their addictions, things they know but would rather not acknowledge. Perhaps the sober Miller knows more than any of us put together.

  3. Please forgive me if I’m jumping ahead and you have yet to recognize yourself as an alcoholic. Best to start facing it now…

  4. It’s difficult being an alcoholic in a world where some of the only clean drinking water is beer, isn’t it? Well, Miller, I hope you get the help you needed. Perhaps this Socratic Seminar that we have all spoken so much of is merely a guise for an intervention on your behalf.

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