Retarded? Are you kidding me?

As a good monk who would never think of calling anybody or anything an offensive name must say that I am truly offended by Wallace’s use of the word retarded, not once, but twice.  At the bottom of the first page it says, Cambridge Companion Online c Cambridge University Press, 2006.  2006?  Weren’t we all practicing political correctness at that time.  I once kew a “retarded” child growing up.  Nobody made fun of him and we all accepted him.  That awful label immediately turned me off to Wallace and I hesitated to read further. Guess what?  He said it again on page 37.  I don’t think much of a person like this.  He’s such a baffoon.  There, I said it.  As a man of the cloth I am conditioned to like everybody no matter what their shortcomings are, but this David Wallace I do not like.


1 thought on “Retarded? Are you kidding me?

  1. I agree with you, Monk. I noticed many times the word “retard” and found it rather offensive.

    Maybe if Chaucer had written the Canterbury Tales in one genre, I would have had more say!

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