Dear Mr. Chaucer

Dear Mr. Chaucer,

I too have fed crumbs of bread to the pigeons around where I live.  I just love to see the flappy ones flock around me.  Ah Fame.

As for your very strange e-mails, I too get some e-mails that I call spam.  It makes me wonder why people send spam.  They are e-mails filled with useless information that I do not need.

You are avery brave man to be publishing e-mails that could come back to haunt you.  I wonder what the future holds for us as far as modern technology goes.

Did you ever in your widest dreams think that you, Mr. Chaucer, would be sending and receiving e-mails?  Some of your followers are quite odd.  Beware and be careful for the internet is a very scary place.  Farewell sir.


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