House of Fame: III

I am a little late on my commentary of The House of Fame:III. It is a shame this book remains unfinished! I am especially intrrigued with the description of The House of Fame itself. It is descriped so beautifully and luxuriously, with emeralds and jewels. It is only appropriate that such a great poet as Virgil is present in The House of Fame. The poem says that the poets are subjected to carry the weight of their fame on their shoulders-very reminiscient of Atlas.

What creeped me out the most about this third book is the description of Lady Fame herself! She sounds like a demon creature that is described in The Book of Revelations. She is said to be covered in eyeballs and tongues and ears, that image is definitely going to keep me up at night! Her physical appearance is definitely appropriate for what she is representing-she can see all, hear all, and speak many things at once. Fame is the epitome of being seen by all, being heard by all, and speaking for all to hear. She is described as being as small as a “cubite” but also as large as the height from earth to heaven.

It is a shame the book ends so abruptly! The last line reads, “A man of gret autocrite” appears…I wonder who this great superior figure was supposed to be? I guess we will never have the chance of knowing!


1 thought on “House of Fame: III

  1. No sleep ah? Imagine if you were Fame, with all those ears, eyes, and tongues! You wouldn’t get one lick of sleep! In truth I pity her for I am a loyal servant to privacy, that is why I host at a lodge. I provide walls for my guests so they may sleep soundly. Fame, as described, should not be sought after; it is hideous and will ruin you if you are not careful with your words! That is why guests love my lodge, they are assured their words will be kept in private!

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