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For your reading pleasure before Friday’s class, read and respond (as a comment here) to the following post at Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog.  Keep in mind that this blog is written as if Chaucer were alive and well today, blogging to his heart’s delight.  This post in particular, “Wondrous Messages for Me from the Internette!”, offers one possible response to his House of Fame, which has often been compared to the Internet itself.

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About Alex Mueller

Alex Mueller can be found running and cycling the streets and suburbs of Boston, taking long sojourns in rare book archives whenever he can. He teaches English at UMass Boston, serves as Book Review Editor for Arthuriana, and writes about digital pedagogy, open access publishing, and medieval literature.

9 thoughts on “Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

  1. Why Chaucer is not far off by claiming that the Internet is comparable to Lady Fame. Although I must admit, if Internet was a god, I would rather hope to meet Internet more than Fame, for she seems to resemble a nasty creature by her description in the House of Fame. She also seems disorganized with the way she gives away fame. With the Internet, it seems a lot more organized, and in addition, the people sending messages to it are not obsessed with fame. Instead, they only want to share their experiences with each other.

  2. Benedicite!! The wonders of the Internet are great!

    I used to complain of not being gifted in the ways of love, but now that I see that you can actually order a selection of brides from Russia, and they will actually ship them out to you for your convenience, why, I wondered why I had ever made a fool of myself begging for the love of some snobbish English woman!! Here, in the wonderful Internette, all you need is a credit card!!

    Even sitting here, lonely and fat at my desk, I can see the most beautiful maidens offering themselves to me, only me! I know not what they like so much about me, or why they are so willing ton please me, but I do not complain!!

    Clearly, the “ye olde chain maile” must have been what gave me such incredible luck! I hope it gives equal fortune to the rest of ye, by Jove, because I sent it to everyone!

    I do think these princes are trying to pull some sort of scheme on me. I may be ancient, and unaware of the ways of the people of the great nation of Internette, but I do know human nature rarely changes! When anyone offers you money for free, assume it is a trick, that piece of knowledge never gets outdated!

    As for the email about the Viagra … I know not what this means. Viagra,however, is such a pretty word that perhaps, be it that I ever have a daughter, I will name her Viagra! Surely it is some word in the Internette language referring to the Holy Virgin?

    What I must find out, first, is how to get to this Internette! Is there a train, a plane, a ship or a especially fast mare that can take me there? I am so tired of Engolond, I must move to this great Internette!!!

  3. There are many strange emails in Chaucer’s inbox! Especially the warning email about “Good Tymes”. Its ironic that he is labeled as “good times” and for men and women to beware of him. The email warns people to not answer the door when “Good tymes” appears, or he will rob them of all “moveables”! This sounds like a modern-day chain letter that everyone dreads getting in their inboxes. Also, the email of “good fortune” sounds like another chain email, that promises the recipient good-luck ONLY if the sender sends it to X amount of people. Wouldn’t it be nice if it really worked that way? I could really use some good fortune and luck lately.

    The other email about “hotte hotte accioun” is just like modern day inbox porn! Chaucer really needs to get a filter for his emails.

  4. Mail order brides, eh? Since I am such an attractive squire, I shall look into this.

    I might come across as a dirty squire, but I noticed one email in particular talking about “plow” size. Is this AUGMENTULA SALES serious? And if so, where can I purchase one in order to impress my mail order bride?

    The internet is amazing.

  5. Although I already posted on Geoff’s blog, I will again post here. I must advise Chaucer to ignore such emails that end up in his inbox. I once knew a maiden who spend her own hard earned three-hundred dollars on a ‘cruise’ that an email had led her to believe she ‘won’. Why she thought she must pay for a prize is beyond me. The real humor in this brief tale is that the maiden thought the cruise was going to Las Vegas, which is land-locked. I admire the craftsmanship of the con-artist who created such an email, but I would hate to see Chaucer or any of the pilgrims make the same mistake (unless it be at my hand).


  6. “A man werkynge wyth an mighi plowe can simplie plowe a bettir furrough than a man with a tinye plowe!”

    Although a “mighi plowe” indeed is the best when working in the fields, I find that it has more to do with how you use the plowe…Seeds can be planted regardless of the size of the plowe. And if you know how to use your plowe it matters not how big the plowe is…. a good plowman works well with what he has. Keep in mind this “magical” type of enlargement must be a sham… how could one magically enhance their plowe?

    Like our friend Chaucer, I too have received this mysterious message and I wondered at first how they knew my occupation. And then I realized they were in fact not talking about crops at all!! I am not sure who this “plowman” is that is setting out these types of letters, but please friends realize it is not me or any of my fellow plowmen. It must be a true con-artist.

    • I must disrespectfully disagree with you Plowman. As a world class cook and a very great judge of how ingredients can satisfy even the hungriest customer, it is all about the god given ingredients in your hands that truly make a unforgettable dish. Yes in how you prepare and work the melons or molding the yeast is vital but with a tiny knife how can you ever hope for a loving customer coming back? As you would say Chaucer “love” can not be read only experienced.

      Just look at CHURLWATCHERES and the man that stole his wife with the power of Good times.He must have had something this poor fool did not have. To what i cannot be certain but if it were problems with his plowing this nicholas did not have any problems. So if this “magical” type of enlargement MUST not be a sham, hence all hope will be lost for man like you good sir plowman, keep hope alive!!

    • I am inclined to agree with the plowman, although I would be very interested in hearing the Wife of Bath’s opinion on the matter, as she has more expertise than all of us in this certain arena. I have once heard it said that “It be nat the gerth of the boate, but the motione of the oceane,” or, in other words, skills are better than size. However, I am neither a plowman, nor a sailor, nor a lover, so my opinion means naught.

  7. This mail order bride sounds like quite the lady! I’d love to find a lady this way, as I have a difficult time finding them these days. Not everyone wants to look at the hairy mole on my nose, I’ve found. Ladies also aren’t particularly fond of wrestling, after a bit, and do not enjoy being knocked down after the ninth time or so. I also require a fair bit of clean up, both due to the doors I knock from their hinges and the many glasses of mead I tend to leave around the couch.

    I think I’ll follow suit and scour the Internet for these “mail order brides.” They sound right up my alley!

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