Tales Versus Dreams

Although I am quite fond of tales of adventure and morality, I do indeed, from time to time, enjoy tales that tell of the inner workings of minds, such as book II of The House of Fame. The dreams are what intrigue me most; they offer a glimpse into the unconscious mind (a rarity when we are awake). Dreams allow for a place where things don’t have to make sense, and it is only until we wake from our slumber that we try to decipher our unconscious mind–it is as if we have two minds! Why do why do this? Why do we need to understand? Can we not just accept that things don’t have to relate to one another to create a principle?

Of course not! We are human! We need to understand! That is why I am so interested in understanding the dreamt dream in Book II of The House of Fame. It is no doubt packed with hidden moral teachings that need to be understood. For example, what sense do you make of the notion that all the sounds made by man and animal can be heard in the House of Fame? It is even said that the sound, heard in the House of Fame, reproduces the same body that the sound came from, how bizarre is that?

I am eagerly waiting learn more about Book III tomorrow–hopefully my questions will be answered if none of my fellow bloggers answer them first! Goodnight!


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