Roman History

So I must admit that I was too drunk during much of my schooling to retain most anything, but I did enjoy our Geoffrey’s final dream in The House of Fame because it re-educated me. How much I missed or have forgotten! While the dream itself did little for me (it was so long!), it was nice to check in with my old drinking buddies the Romans.

Who did we have? After a few Greeks and Semites, we touched base with Virgil, the writer of Aeneas’ story (the subject of the dream in Book I, I believe, but I’d been drinking…). Then there was a brief foray into Arthurian silliness, but with reference to Caesar and Pompey so I made my peace with it. And then Claudius, the successor of my beloved Caligula. While he is not my favorite of the Romans, I still enjoyed revisiting him.

The dream could have benefited from some sex or drinking or trickery, but it was alright. This Geoffrey character seems okay by me.

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