Squire’s opinion on Book III “House of Fame”

I must say, after reading Book III, I find myself deeply offended. Had Chaucer given me more lines in the Canterbury Tales then it might have been possible for me to be inside the house of fame. I want my name etched on the side of the mountain that is forever in the shade, that way my name would never disappear. I need more attention!


Since Chaucer did not give me much room in the Canterbury Tales, I felt that there was not much room for me on the blog. Let’s blame Chaucer’s lack of attention for the reason I did not post much this semester. Within those twenty lines, Chaucer only described me and made me sound a bit feminine, which I am not! I would like to be a valiant knight!


Clearly, I am a needy fellow. I must go find my lady and be passionate for a while.


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