Dream Machine

I also had a dream that an eagle was carrying me to far away, exotic places.  We soared high, and far and wide.  It was a most magical dream that I didn’t want to wake up.  The eagle gave me all sorts of wonderful advice and told me tales along the way.  Our journey lasted for what seemed like ages as we flew and flew while he held me tight in his talons.  I could feel him digging into my back.  I was somewhat scared at first, but soon relaxed knowing that he would not put me in harm’s way and would protect me.  I knew he only wanted me to learn from this experience and now every time I go to bed I hope to have this same dream.  Sadly, I am still waiting.


2 thoughts on “Dream Machine

  1. Psalm 102:5: Renovabitur sicut aquilae iuventus tua…..Your youth will be renewed like the eagles

    ….. that is to say, if you fill your life with good things.

  2. Dearest Monk,
    I do hope that you enjoyed your dream as our narrator did, he seemed quite safe as a man of love poems who has been carried away by his dreams. I myself would enjoy a good dream of an eagle to carry me away, although I am very afraid of hights and I may have myself a panic. Perhaps we may all travel to The House of Fame to be in the center of the universe and hear all that is said and thought, although it may be quite overwhelming.

    I do hope you enjoy your waking hours as much, if not more, as those spent sleeping. And listen to the Plowman’s good advise!

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