As a man of great religious background I much enjoyed our good man, Chaucer’s opening Proem to this book two of our story. As we have learned the act of dreaming is important to one’s imagination and understanding, which could be why Chaucer references Isaiah and Scipio yet again. I quite like Christian versus since I enjoy my work as a Friar and think all good Christians should talk about the bible often.

As for our good narrator’s dream, quite charming to be carried about by a golden eagle and to be granted life by Jupiter to keep him safe in his travels to the House of Fame. It is also quite like Chaucer to write of Venus and love stories, he seems to like Cupid very much. Perhaps, as a writer of “love” stories (although the love portion seems to sometimes be questionable), he feels connected to his narrators who also write and often narrator their dreams for interpretation. Maybe this is why Chaucer is always snatching others stories for translation, he could dream of them then interpret his dreams. Just a thought, Pilgrims!

Now, I hope that everyone has brushed up on their astronomy because we have found it in the text again! Chaucer did quite like astronomy, perhaps we are all based on our star signs as well!  It is interesting and confusing, this House of Fame, where all of our thoughts and words are contained. I rather think it would hurt my head to go to such a place, especially after listening to confessions all day and begging. I do hope all the pilgrims are well and keeping up with the reading of this complicated story, there are so many other stories referenced in the text to familiarize one’s self with just to keep up with Chaucer’s imagination!


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  1. You’re right, Friar, that I have great respect for astronomy, but I have comparitively little knowledge on the subject! That’s why, when the big golden eagle was trying to tell me about the alignments and names of all the stars and such, I told him to be quiet. I am too old to be learning science now. I would rather just focus on the Gods and mythical figures that the stars represent, and fantasize about the romantic stories they have to tell.

    However, I am determined that my son Lewys shall have an education more well-rounded than mine. As a son of an artist, he will no doubt be exposed to lots of literature and poetry throughout his whole life. But, I wish to cultivate in him a knowledge of science and (eek) math, in hopes that he might develop some skills in that area that I never had. It is always best to start education in a child very early! That’s why I wrote for him the Treatise on the Astrolabe. I didn’t really write it – I mostly just copied it from Latin – but I thought that maybe my writing expertise, along with Lewys’s affinity for science, might be a great combination for a teaching opportunity!

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