the 10th of December…

…. have I missed something?  I know the winter is a time when I get to catch up on my own sleep due to lack of crops; but why is it that the poet falls asleep on that day? Is there any significance to the 10th of December?  I must admit I am not a learn’d man.  And although I have heard the classic greek tales, I do not remember the details.  When being told these tales, I was often too busy planing out my crops in my mind.  Also, why is Venus’s temple made of glass? Is this merely a device used by the poet to bring the readers into a dream world?  Where things appear a bit off than they normally would be.  I know I am not much of a traveller, but even I know Venus’s real temple is not a glass one.  Are we supposed to question the poet’s perception of reality within this dream? Or am I, a tired worn down plowman, rambling incoherently due to my own lack of sleep?


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