Long Day’s Journey Into Canterbury

Hello once again my fellow pilgrims.  This is the last leg of our trip and I must say that it has been a rather quiet pilgrimage.  I have enjoyed the journey thus far and feel that my stories were the best and that I deserve the free meal at the Tabard Inn.  If any of you disagree I would like to hear from you.  I have been enjoying the pilgrimage, but now it’s time to rest my weary bones and let the rest of you carry the conversation.  It has been a fun time conversing with some of you even though it has been tough trying to get some responses at times.  I bet the Miller had something to do with this.  He probably had everyone partying so much that they forgot to converse with the rest of us.  Tsk, tsk you evil Miller.  Alcohol is the devil’s drink don’t you know?  Unfortunately, there will never be another pilgrimage with this clowder of characters so there is no way to make up for the lack of communication.  For shame, for shame.  It has been a fun ride for me and I hope you had the time of your life.  Godspeed.


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