Please excuse my absence

I seem to have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for the past month or so. Tends to happen each year…


I’ve been busying myself learning about the astrolabe. Quite an instrument, though I’m still having trouble muddling through dear Chaucer’s descriptions. So many words! So many diagrams! All the reading has been getting in the way of my drinking, but I’m told the reading is better for me than the drinking. Hogwash! One brings pleasure, the other mere frustration.


But I have learned a bit about the astrolabe and its functions, for whatever it’s worth. Actually, maybe I just know how to hold it. Yes, I believe that’s all I’ve garnered. Perhaps it will all become clearer once I discuss it with my fellow pilgrims. Anyone up for a discussion? Over some ale? Or some mead? Or some wine?…

2 thoughts on “Please excuse my absence

  1. It’s great to have you back with us dear Miller. I’m pleased to see that the binge drinking has not ruined your quest for knowledge. I’m sure you will soon be able to understand the astrolabe and the diagrams. I myself know nothing of that instrument and I bet many of the other pilgrims are unaware of its functions. Maybe when you master it, you’ll be able to explain it to us.


  2. Well, hey there Miller. Glad to have you back! I am trying to put together some kind of lunch or dinner with the Cook’s help, but he is nowhere to be found. I must warn you dear Miller, and I hate to keep harping on this, but absolutely no liquor will be served at this informal get together. I hope you can join us despite the rule. I am not alone in this, we had a vote, and the booze lost. Sorry about that, but I still hope you can join us and have a good feast and a good time with good company. Perhaps you have another story you’d like to tell. Welcome back and don’t be a stranger. We are a very forgiving group.

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