Finally, a Debate!

Well, it seem I have ruffled up some feathers in my statement that I am a fraud.  It’s about time somebody did don’t you think.

First of all, smart people do not believe in creation.  Second, I am being cremated so I will not become worm food after all.

It has been a long time debate over creation and evolution.  But that’s reading into the future.  Our dear friend Darwin hasn’t come along yet.  So believe in what I say since I have decided to come clean with the truth.

I have tricked you people into believing that Heaven and Hell really do exist.  Ha!  How naive you poor pilgrims are.  Nuns and priests have been depriving themselves from one of the greatest natural pleasures on earth- sex.  And for what?  Nothing that makes any sense.  Imagine going through life with self-deprivation ruling your very existence.  How sad.  I, on the other hand, enjoy the pleasures of sex every chance I can get by conning the village women while their husbands are away.  Ha, ha, ha, the Monk rules!

7 thoughts on “Finally, a Debate!

  1. Fellow Pilgrims, of coarse of the lord the Monk speaks in jest. For a measly sum he too could be blessed. I work magic with words and song and scripture. Come on your cheap bastards, you get the picture. Give me some of your hard earned cash. Save yourself from fire and ash.


  2. ha ha, oh Pardoner, you and the Monk are one in the same. But, personally, I find your trickery to be quite lame. The way you swindle your way into people’s purses is as almost as disgraceful as casting curses.

    Self-deprivation teaches one control and restraint and it is far more rewarding than a casual acquaint. Though I’m sure sex has it’s obvious pluses, it tends to cause a great many fusses. Be wary fellow Pilgrims of this tasteless existence and remember you will find the Lord through your persistence.


      • Dear Prioress,
        You are right their trickery is an insult. There are some of us who spend our hours working hard for what we have, and conning hard working men out of their earnings is horrific. They should be ashamed.

  3. Suckers we might be, but in the end we will be the ones rewarded for our hardwork and good deeds. You on the other hand monk, will eventually learn that there is a God and there is also a Hell.

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