The Trouble With Comments

Hello fellow pilgrims.  It seems that I can’t make any more comments for one reason or another, but I can, however, make entries.  The following entry is in response to the Man of Law’s post.

Take heart my dear Man of Law for faith can be very strong in overcoming logic.  While it is true, and I say this as a man of the cloth, that “God,” and Heaven and Hell really don’t exist, they are fables concocted to help the weak have something to believe in.  Some people need to believe that there is something out there even if they cannot see it.  Sounds a bit strange to me as I take things on face value and only believe in that of which I can see.  Shh, this is just between you and me.  Don’t tell my parishioners or I’m finished.  Yes, believe it or not I am a fraud, but since nobody else is listening I think I’m safe.


4 thoughts on “The Trouble With Comments

  1. Haha! You have given me a good laugh with your response, dear Monk. As a lawyer I never imagined myself saying such a thing as this, but news of your fraudulence cheers me to the root. Now let us wait and see if any of the other pilgrims have anything to say to our new heretic status, and hope they will hold our mutual secret in good faith.

  2. How can you say that Heaven and Hell do not exist? Your fraudulence does nothing more than prove that you are not a good monk but to say Heaven and Hell does not exist is quite bold. Either way,your are right that people do like to think something is out there. As a nun, I rely on the Lord to guide me and do take pleasure in the thought of His existence.

    Now I must be off to the tavern now, even a nun can enjoy an ale or two on this fine Saint. Patrick’s Day.


  3. I am astonished to learn this side of you monk. Why would one dedicate his whole life to the church if they don’t even believe in Heaven and Hell? It is not only weak people who look for something to believe in, it’s smart people. How awful it must be to live a life as a fraud whom waits to die to become nothing but wormdirt.

  4. A hefty pardon this we be. What ever is wrong with thee?! For even one million Hail Mary’s could wipe your slate. But one million dollars may help your fate.


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