Break Time!

Hello again my fellow pilgrims.  I think that you would all agree that we deserve a break this fine spring time of the year.   It was a bit of a disappointment on our first leg of the journey that we didn’t hear from a lot of the pilgrims.  Haven’t they anything to add?  It looks like Cook isn’t going to prepare a much-needed meal for us.  We haven’t heard hide nor hair of him.  In fact, we haven’t heard from a number of pilgrims.  What gives?  Shouldn’t we be communicating with one another on this pilgrimage?  I should think so.  Now, I hope I hear some comments from my fellow pilgrims.  Don’t be shy, speak up and be heard!  We are lacking in comments from our fellow pilgrims.  Oh, what can the matter be?  I hope you are all well and I look forward to hearing from you with great anticipation.


5 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. Well, Monk, I am sure you are aware that you are holier than most of us on this journey, so maybe that is why you are so much better at blogging than the rest of us more sinful pilgrims. Maybe we all should make it easier for each other to participate by writing about topics that can be debated, and involve other characters, and ask direct questions – as you did in this post. Thank you, Monk, for being such a fine example for us all. Who knew such a holy man could also be such a good hunter, snappy dresser, lady pleaser AND blogger?

    Although I spend most of my time reading inside my room, I am happy for you that it is finally springtime, Monk. I can picture you now, galloping through the lush forest, ferociously hunting rabbits and other unsuspecting creatures with masculine zeal, your bald head glistening in the bright sun. Really, there should be more holy men like yourself in our country.

    • Well, thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, I agree that we should have some kind of debate going to liven things up. Perhaps after everyone has had a chance to rest up things will be different. As for my bald head: maybe some day somebody will invent something to keep my head from burning in the sun. Until then I shall continue to wear my trusty hood. Happy trails, my friend.

  2. Hello monk, I am glad you are addressing this problem. There hasn’t been too much to debate over on this blog. Perhaps we could go back and discuss some of the tales we’ve heard during our voyage? I myself have read many books, even a few on this trip, but some of these tales are funnier than those that have been published. I would say many of the pilgrims tales are worthy of discussing and for that reason, am glad I have participated on this voyage.

  3. Monk I love your positive attitude!!! Have you ever thought about becoming a preacher? Your words have roused everyone and has inspired me to post. Please forgive me, I must be honest as I am a nun and ask where everyone’s spirit? The purpose of telling tales on this pilgrimage is to entertain one another and keep each other from a dreadful bore. However no one is following the rules and obedience is a virtue!

  4. I agree with you all, my dear pilgrims! As much as our pilgrimage was long and tiring, I think that the break helped to revive our humours as well as our spirits. I must admit that I was silent for spell but I am better rested and have had some time to relax with some new parchments since the pilgrimage has ended (can you imagine the weight those extra parchments would have added to our horses?!) But I must say, the new parchments that these young lords are reading in my university are quite befuddling. Seriously, a game about hunger? My my, I must say, as someone from the lower estates, that sounds like a Tuesday to me! However, there was quite a bit of chivalry to be had in that tale, although not nearly as chivalrous as our dear Knight and Squire. And these other tales of vampyres and weremen…the thought! I’m sure our pious Prioress will have a prayer to save us from the horror of such unholy and impure words.

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